Post-ride bike maintenance


Hey folks, it’s that time of year again. Us cave dwellers will soon be able to return to the surface and ride outside if and when we choose to do so. Spring weather always has the possibility of being nasty out, so post-ride love for your bike is an almost certain necessity.

What post-ride bike love rituals do you have, or are you a “ride it and rack it” type of rider?


My MTB always gets a good hose down and a clean with muc off - we have a portable jet wash so first rinse is usually at the end of the ride before popping the bikes back on the car and then a good clean at home.
My road bikes don’t tend to get quite so mucky so as a result often get little attention aside from a run down with a clean cloth :woozy_face: I’ve turned into a fair weather roadie so if it’s wet outside I’ll be in the pain cave!


My gravel bike always gets a good cleaning. Like @Michelle I’m a bit more relaxed with my road bike and usually give it a wipe down after a ride and a good cleaning once a month or if it was wet out when I rode.


Im in habit of giving the bike a wipe down and the chainlinks a wipe to get any gunk off that may have been picked up or squeezed out. This is good for post indoor ride as well as outdoor since between sweat and hydration it can really do a number of your frame and metal bits.


So, my basic maintenance for riding outside is to keep an old t-shirt near my bike stand. When I get back, I slap some lube on the chain and use the shirt to wipe it off. The other focus area is the pulley wheels. I spin the crank while touching the t-shirt to one or both sides of the pulley wheels by the rear derailleur. You would be shocked to see how much gunk accumulates there. Other than that, I do a quick wipe down of anything else that may have gotten nasty from the ride, sweat, or hydration spills. If it’s bad enough, I hose the bike down. I have to do it more on my tri bike due to liquids bouncing out of my aero hydration system (not because I pee on the bike).

Indoors, I do a quick wipe down of the bike after each ride and then do the drivetrain thing that I mentioned above once every week or so.


I am addicted to Bike Lust I think it’s by Pedro‘s. I pretty much do the interior of my car with it too


That’s good stuff. Pedro’s makes good products. (not a paid endorsement but would be willing to accept payment of product from Pedro’s).