Podcast Recommendations?

The Coaches Corner and Chat and Chill are awesome podcasts, but how about some other favorites? Both series and single episode favorites. I am looking for things to do during rest and recovery so recommendations please!

I just listened to a fantastic one produced by REI interviewing Rebbeca Rusch. Not only amazing because Rebecca Rusch, but also because she turned 50 this year and she talks about her training, recovery, and mental training and skills.



In addition to Coaches Corner there is now On the Team Bus! We hope to feature some Lab Rats in it!

I like the Velo News Fast Talk podcast series. Each podcast is a deep dive into a topic, and it can get a little technical, but it is a great resource.

The Move provides some very interesting views in the world of pro-cycling, particularly the Tour De France and it is hosted by Lance Armstrong. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and there is some bad language in there.


This is but one podcast in the series. You may subscribe to same on iTunes.

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