Plant Based Cookbook


Hi, I’m looking at changing my diet to plant based(90%) will still have boiled eggs for protein. Their seems to be loads of fad cookbooks out in circulation, does anyone use a "athletes/fitness"cookbook that they would recommend.
Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @NoviceGary! I am 100% whole food plant based. A great cookbook for athletes in particular is No Meat Athlete by Matt Frazier.

There are also two good Facebook groups Plant Based Endurance Athletes is not strictly a recipe group but people share recipes al the time

Whole Food Plant Based Vegan is 100% recipes. It is owned by mountain biker Sonya Looney who also has another FB group that is not recipe based called Plant Powered Tribe

I’ve been 100% plant based for over 20 years so if you need recipes or tips or anything, feel free to ask :grinning:


Hi Stefanie
Thank you for the post reply,i’ll look into the book and Facebook groups, i hope along with structured training eat a properly healthy lifestyle, will help me reach 2019 goals.
I’m sure to ask you questions also.
Thank you


Good luck with all your goals!