Mondays with Mitch - January 28, 2019


I would put the TOS in the “fun” and, as the name suggests, “sufferfest” categories. I would not consider it training.


Very much learning here. What is TOS?
Thx :slight_smile:


Tour of sulferlandia. You use the suffer fest application not Zwift.

I’ve observed other people doing several of these tours, and this one in particular is very hard I suppose. But for me the last few years I’m just sticking with the wonderful training plan by the endurance lab folks. If I want to go out and suffer I can jump on my mountain bike tomorrow with all my friends and give it to each other personally for plenty of hours it’s all good


I’m putting my training on hiatus to do the ToS. Think of it as an intense week or so of crazy workouts for a good cause.


Yes it is not a training plan. It is an event focused around a charity. It does give you a week of high intensity. But don’t feel any pressure to shoe horn it into your training plan. It is just a TeamODZ tradition that pre dates the ELab


Thanks Mitch and Andy. Yea I’m just staying the course. If I feel rambunctious I got plenty of rides I could. Or just go out and jump on my skis Actually heading up to the local mountains Thursday with my coworkers. Fun stuff