Mondays with Mitch - January 28, 2019


Prior Week Review:

Another mixed bag. Given the start of the week and dealing with a skunk issue at my daughters college apartment and the end of the week finishing up the clean up I guess I’ll take it. I missed my volume by failing to get enough sleep Saturday night to hit my Sunday long ride. I hoped to get it in later in the day but just ran out of time and energy. The flipside is that my intensity was up and my run was feeling a bit better. I hit both my key cycling workouts and had a great Espresso Lap on the coffee ride I lead each week on Zwift.

This week overview:

Technically I’m in a recovery week. However, the annual Tour of Sufferlandria begins this weekend so there’s that. I’m changing my week to reflect that I will do a Sufferfest cycling test on Thursday and begin more than a week of daily intense cycling workouts on Saturday.


Legs were a complete mess this week. I could not ride more than 1:45 on Sunday. I just pulled the plug and am recovering. Including today no plyos or even core. I’m just exhausted from last week.

This coming week is recovery so thank god for that. Last week I had the hardest workout I’ve even done on Thursday. I had to pull the plug on the last interval. It was too much… But I’m pretty sure I can do it some day this year.


Recovery week here too. I already know that next week will be hard, so I am definitely sticking to the plan. This week the plan is to continue to work on skills. The workouts are shorter and the intensity is down.


Didn’t hit target this week, but was the 4th week on when I usually do 3 on, 1 recovery. Needed to start recovery so no riding on Sunday as I cram a few days rest before ToS. I ran out of time and legs on the SST workout on Saturday, but was mentally done for the week.

This week is couple of days recovery, FTP test and then ToS starts

The TSS daily totals don’t look scary but I am sure it will be a step up in intensity.


Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.54.35 PM
This is my week. It’s the start of a build towards my spring A race on the 28th of April. Although they’re not on the calendar, I am planning on being in the gym for about 2-2.5 hours every week. I bumped my FTP up the other day after a ramp/step test. Today’s workout felt good at the new level.


So with the Polar Vortex tomorrow and Thursday the kids are staying home. You’d think I would be doing some fun riding, watching movies and the like, but alas, our school district has introduced “Remote Learning”. The kids complete a day’s worth of school work at home and the district does not need to make up for missed days.

The only part I like about this is the PE class we will have to make up! Core and some plyos are on the list- yeah!!!


I was just reading in Forbes that Chicago will be colder than Everest
Anyone know what the TSS is for 30 minutes of really intense snow-shoveling? I guess I should add that to my day.


Last week went really really well as I had plenty of energy. I replaced one workout with a Stinky Spoke pre-ride. As the route is under power lines and on dirt trail, I wanted to see what the route was like.

This week is recovery week. Hurray!


It’s more arm/upper body TSS… But yeah, add some TSS!!





So I thought I’d start adding some inspirational quotes every week in this thread…


“The best with what we have.” Timely. We had some internet trouble this morning and Zwift wouldn’t load: I tried everything. I panicked and almost despaired.
Then, I put on my big boy pants, marched downstairs, and did my workout… without Zwift!!! It was like the “good old days”: staring at my basement wall, watching my Garmin, and listening to my iPod shuffle. Well, my rest intervals were a bit off, and I did 11 sprints instead of 10, but otherwise…great. Although I may have wrenched my shoulder patting myself on the back.
How did we do it back then? It was awful. :wink:


Way to go Marc!


Howdy all - Am new to the forum. Trying to figure it all out. The pic is me doing an absolutely awful side plank to The 15 min Core Workout on leave in Jamaica. - Joan


Update: Finished my Sufferfest fitness test yesterday morning. Best mental performance ever for me in any sort of an FTP styled test.

It started with a warmup and then went into two 7 second sprints to find my best 5 second power. After a brief recovery I then did a 5 minute maximal effort to get my 5 minute power. The another brief rest before a 20 minute maximal effort. Finally, after a too short respite I went all out for 1 minute.

I was lucky to have a great motivator coach8ng me through the test. I was especially happy with my 5 and 20 minute efforts.

Tomorrow morning I start the Tour of Sufferlandria to support the Phinney Parkinson’s foundation.


OMG - is that a blue sky? It’s been months since I’ve seen a blue sky.


Form is looking great! Shoulders seem to be aligned and same with legs and hips!


Checking in on day 5 of my recovery week and my legs still feel tired! I am taking it super easy Sat/Sun.


@Coach_Theia. So my training week is going well. Getting my Saturday game on later today but that’s cool

My question is TOS. Each year I ignore it including this year. I did think it would have mentioned more here but also I simply haven’t tracked it much.

Any comments? I see Mitch and some of the ODZ squad is doing it but again I’m more curios than concerned.