Mondays with Mitch - January 21, 2019


Prior Week Review

Another pretty good week. My volume was a bit more balanced but my intensity was a bit lower. But for me, at this point in the season getting used to the cadence of my training plan and building consistency is one of my largest goals each week. I missed only one workout, my longer run on Saturday. Life was crazy at the end of the week and that run lost the battle.

This Week

This is a peak week before a week of recovery and then the Tour of Sufferlandria. The Sweet Spot and Tempo workouts both build in duration and the run continues to build in volume. I’ve been dealing with some nagging discomfort in the left knee so I’ll be paying attention to that closely. I can go into this week knowing next week is a recovery week (at least until the ToS starts!)


Hard but good week last week. Had to hang in there on the 2054a

ATP calls for another bump this week, but is the 4th week in a row, so we shall see. Might need to end the week early to be fresh for the ToS 4DP ftp test and then the actual virtual team camp.

Week started well with a FTP bump of 3w up the Alpe and a PR.


Group 4DP early on the week Vitrual camp starts!!!


Oh wow, this week was a blur! Busy putting together the next Lab and going through a very hard week of training. It is the last week before a recovery week, and while I love working hard, I am very much looking forward to taking it easy- well, sort of easy, or easier.

On Thursday I had a race simulation workout that really exposed some of my weaknesses and limits. At one point during the workout, I could not remember what power I was supposed to be doing- that’s how much pain and concentration it took to get through it! That would have been a different workout on fresh legs. But it came after 2 hard days- and that was all part of the plan. It’s another way to get stimulus to improve fitness… doing workouts on consecutive days that when done separately (with a rest day in between) would not have been so hard. But please don’t do this at home… the workouts need to be designed as such.

And here is a word about not hitting all intervals and target numbers - it is a great thing and absolutely necessary to (1) find your limitations and (2) generate growth.