Mondays with Mitch - January 14, 2019


Prior Week Review:
Last week was a pretty good week. I ended the week with 5 hrs and 46 mins of cycling and running with a combined TSS of 322 (Versus target of 7:45 and TSS of 442). Best week of fitness training I’ve had in months. That being said, life got in the way of two run workouts and one bike workout. The run workout on Saturday was strong and I felt like like I was getting back into the running zone where the time slipped by without realizing it. Feeling stronger on the bike as well and had an enjoyable ODZentury ride yesterday.

Next Week Preview:
On the bike this week I’m continuing to focus on Sweet Spot and Tempo while increasing volume on the margin. I’m planning of progression of Sweet Spot and Tempo transitioning to VO2 and then higher intensity. On the run I’m continuing to focus on an easy pace while bumping volume by 10%. The goal here is to condition the legs to more miles before adding intensity. Total cycling and running target time of 8:11 and TSS of 472. Overriding goal is again to manage life to ensure I get enough sleep to devote the time to the training plan and also continuing to focus on improving my nutrition choices. Managing “life” is always the wild card.


Nice looking progress Mitch.

This week I’m working on low threshold and pushing that up. Last week we bumped the numbers about 10 watts and I was able to absorb the work. I did 2.33 rounds of plyos on Friday which hurt on Saturday. I’m working to get to 3 rounds 2x a week but need to do that very slowly. Being an “old” person I just don’t recover that quickly.

Last week I hit some decent sprint numbers at about 1200w on tired legs. So I was pretty excited to see that numbers. The plyos are really helping with explosive power.

This week I have about 14 hours planned between core, plyos, and biking. Not sure about TSS and all those numbers, but we are working to get my low threshold to 320 by working it from between 320 and 340. I’m feeling good about my progress this winter so far.


I had a similar result on my sprints- I almost matched my best-ever outdoor max sprint this weekend indoors (which is always lower) and on tired legs, and I wonder if the plyos are indeed helping.

This week is a regular training week for me, and my focus has been on muscular strength- low cadence. But without losing sight of high cadence. Should be a slightly more intense week than the last. Bike workout days are Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun. Other days are plyos.

Going to try that maple syrup hack from @Coach_Ian


So, I didn’t hit my TSS plan for the week, but I didn’t expect to do so. I figured that I would be a little low on the swim, as I cut my swims as soon as fatigue set in to a point I could feel it. I don’t like to rush rotator cuff recovery. I also didn’t get in all of my running, as the stupid snow storm yesterday didn’t leave me any place to run. The gym was closed so no treadmill.

This week has already been a bit of a change due to snow closures, but I am confident that I will get in the pool and get more bike time. I’ll play the running by ear. I ran last week in 27 degrees, so I am fighting back against the cold. It’s just the snow and ice making the running paths a bit difficult.

I did not hit a new sprint high, but I also didn’t shoot for that. I’ll add some more plyo work this week as well, but I’m still finishing up the heavier weight workouts. So, I’ll cap the plyo circuit at two until I am done with that.


Prior Week:
I was happy to have a lot of energy by the end of the week for the Saturday SST935. The 1st SST935 interval set was a killer as no real break between warmup and the interval.

I finished the 2nd run early and was going to add 5 minutes on the trail. Within 100 yards was 2 down trees, so gave up. We had a wind storm earlier that brought down a lot of trees.

This Week:
This week looks like a lot of fun. I did more swim sprints today, but cut short as I fatigued. I started using the assisted pull-up machine at the gym which is easier.


Last week went well, apart from a failure in basic maths meant I overshot my tss target.

So this week will be a slight increase. Week has started well with hitting a best sprint at the end of a race in a long while on Monday. I am doing the fasted rides on the days I don’t have to take the kids to school to help with weight loss/fat burning adaption (I am sure someone will shoot the me down on the science of this but is a good way to get some super easy miles in). Will have to see if I can complete the workout today after 4 hrs on and off the bike yesterday. No worries if not I can just backload the week a little.


So is the idea to work that as the floor/ low threshold until it feel manageable? What was your experience with the last couple bump-ups


My low threshold started at 295 one year ago and now it’s 320. We work it a number of ways and test it based on control.

For example, we do surge efforts to 500w for 30 seconds and then recover at a floor of 320 - meaning power cannot drop below that floor. Then after riding at that floor we surge off it to 500W again. The effort is like the real world. It’s a type of race simulation. We measure my ability to clear lactate at 320 based on my power control. And how I can control that power in various situations. We do these surges and recovery standing, seated, high cadence, and low cadence.

We know that my floor is stable or higher when I can perfectly control the power at that number, either recovering at it or surging off it. I’m currently in the phase of adapting to 320. Over time I will adapt. In order to ride a strong 320 floor, I have to ride an average of 330. When I can do that really well, we increase the floor to 330.

The floor moves up slowly based on my ability to control power at it.


this makes a lot of good sense. Thanks for the insight!


Last week was a good recovery week for me. I felt great i. The espresso lap.

This week is already a mixed bag. Monday was crap. I rode in to work and back but was not able to get to my actual workout. On Tuesday, i did a swim test to determine my fitness. It wasn’t horrible at 1:34/100yd scy for 1000 yards.

Wednesday was my only halfway acceptable day with the 4DP threshold testing. I nearly threw up at the end of the five-minute portion.

Yesterday was a pretty good strength session and some speed work in the pool. Not great, but it was an improvement.

Today is a maybe due to work meetings. Tomorrow, though, it is game on!