Mondays with Mitch (Jan 7, 2019)


I am still in one round of plyos, with Drew trying to convince me I am being a baby and should be cranking it up because he is now doing 3 rounds. Maybe I am a :baby:

It’s so interesting to see the different personalities. And we can see them clearly with our kids and their sport. Luke is just like me and Sophia is just like Drew… in personality and phenotype!


@Coach_Theia and @dfriestedt I’m gonna give this a try- 1 set only for me!! Will see if hubby will do it too- thanks for sharing!!!


Noticed lots of folks workout every day- wonder if it’s ok to ride every day? Not all out kinda riding, but a mix - I find that when I take time off, I feel heavy legs and fatigued?!?!?


The coaches can answer better, but imo an easy recovery ride can be as good as a day off the bike. An actual day off the bike can be more mental good than physical.


Yeah, the body responds differently to rest. You can do a workout every day, but not every day can be hard. At least one day every so often needs to be super easy. It doesn’t have to be once per week or once every two weeks. It may be every three days or every 20. So, like most questions, the answer is “it depends.”


Agree with what @Coach_Ian’s said. If you feel that your legs respond better when you do an easy spin on off days, you can do 45-60 min at no higher than 55%-60% of FTP. It has to be that easy to count as a recovery ride. From a physiological perspective, it makes no difference in adaptation (i.e., absorbing the benefits from training- because it’s when you rest that it happens) if you do the easy ride or no ride on rest days. It is really about how you feel- so your choice.

You also need to be mindful of the heaviness and fatigue that you are feeling to make sure it is not from needing more time to recover or a full recovery week. If it is just “lazy” legs, then OK.

Lastly, it is common for people to feel like crap on recovery days and even during a recovery week. That feeling is your body repairing itself! I am a prime example of that. I usually feel tired on recovery weeks. That is different than a taper week before events (taper weeks is when you are supposed to feel ready to climb walls!)


Thanks guys/gals that was very helpful!! I was struggling, my take away is to listen to my body and pay attention :+1::+1:


I stopped riding 7x a week. I found I went too hard on my days off and therefore never got any time off. It’s helped me only doing 5x.

And I’m enjoying riding more.


Family is in Vegas for the weekend and staying at and airBNB with 4 other families so I snuck out early for some me time and got the plyo work done! It made the buffet at Ceasars Palace that much better!


Wait, you are at an AirBnB, and you didn’t bring your bike and trainer? So disappointed


I hope it’s not too late to chime in!

This week for me is a 2nd week of a 3 week long “hard phase” where I increase intensity and volume, in order to push my CTL higher.

I’ve got some very ambitious goals for target CTL for this upcoming season, and therefore have started to increase volume quite early to get there. The good news is that I’ve completed about half of the overall time for building to my first peak of the season, and have seen very good progress already.

And here are the specifics for this week, which fall into this overall plan:

Well, they are at least, what I think this week is going to look like at this point! There may be some mid week shifts, but that’s OK. Life happens. Even if I don’t end up hitting my Training Load target for the week (827 TSS, bike only) I can adjust the plan afterwards to make up for this, or simply realize that i’ll fall a bit short of the final CTL goal (which is OK too!).

At any rate, hopefully this is somewhat helpful and interesting!