Mondays with Mitch (Jan 7, 2019)


@dfriestedt @Coach_Theia. Can you post an example of a plyo workout? If I missed it above my apologies


Sure thing:

  • 20 squat jumps - legs hip width appart
  • 20 split squat jumps
  • 20 reps of knee ups (basically a step up one leg at a time, opposite leg raises knee)
  • 20 jumping jack planks (plank on hands and do jumping jack movement with legs)
  • 20 walking lunges with weights
  • 20 Goblet Jump squats - legs wider than hips - with hands behind the head
  • 20 step ups alternating legs
  • 20 mountain climbers


its a crush fest in our basement on Monday / Friday. If you do these start with one circuit of them. It will destroy your legs. Pure destruction. It’s taken me about 3 months of doing these every M/F to be able to do 2 circuits of them and be able to ride the next day.

I’m sure @Coach_Ian would smoke these… like 5x no problem. But for me, I’ve done so little strength work, I had to start super slow. So I recommend super slow build over time.

I also do push ups on my knees and feel no shame. I don’t care. Gotta start somewhere (slowly).


So obvious next question. Will we work some of this into our next lab?

Personal life experience, when I was very young I trained martial arts for 10 years and have always been an Advil skier. In the martial arts training specifically the deep front stances and deep horse stance and all of the explosive movements always made for me having extremely strong legs and core along with the rest of my body.

As I started casually Road biking and mountain biking in my early 20s I found much more than all of my friends I could throw a bike in the big ring crank low cadence and pull away from everyone on the climb no problem

Of course the idea of having a real strong legs and core is great of course provided my aging knees can still handle it but all the working out you guys are talking about sounds great and sounds like it’s not heavy weight but really explosive.

I’ll gladly take on more of these type workouts integrated into the lab work

As for this weekend, I’ll be up in Vermont skiing hopefully a couple days on the mountain


Challenge accepted. I will add this in next week, as I am finishing up with the heavier weights. I hit my goals in that, so now it’s time to head back to bodyweight/core/plyo focus. I was fun being “swole” for a couple of days.

No shame in going to your knees for push-ups. I do that sometimes, too…when I have a 45-pound plate on my back. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If any of Ian’s workouts call for more than 10 push ups or repeats of push ups I always start on my knees.


Just read this. Need to go and lie down now.
Good thing is I am unable physically (ankle flexibility issues) to squat … so I’ll just have to give this a miss …

Joking apart I think about half of that sounds like a good daily plan to add to the ever lengthening list.
I really need to retire. Next lottery …


it’s terrible. but no one can see me. I’m in the basement and Theia loves me either way.


I would not do this daily. We only do it 2x a week. and it takes only 15 minutes. I hope to be able to build up to 3 circuits, 2x a week over a 6 month period. If you did this daily it would impact your ability to hit numbers on the bike and you would not be able to recover.


Just did the workout. Switched it up a little. I did one cycle through, then 3 x 5 reps of 225-pound deadlift, then cycle #2, then 3 x 12 pull-ups, then cycle #3, 3 x 8 glute-hamstring raises, 5 minutes of various ab things.

Definitely a good workout.


nice. So you could crank through 3 circuits of the plyos no problem? I’m getting there. But not ready for 3 yet.


I wouldn’t say no problem. The deadlifts led to some significant hurting on set two.


Legit! I probably will not add weight and keep with the body weight and just add reps and then add more efforts to the workout. Get it up to 90 minutes.


Full disclosure - my butt hurts today. Not sure if it was the plyo workout, the deadlifts, or the glute-hamstring raises. Could have been a combination of the lot. Also, what weight is recommended for the walking lunges?


Start without weights first, focusing on form and hip stability, then progress to 10-20 lb weights.


I do 20# total for the walking lunge


I went pretty hard on Wednesday’s Coffee ride, so I did zone 2 this morning as recovery. I’ll do the VO2 work tomorrow and continue on with the rest of my plan.


I’m going to try 3 rounds of the plyos tomorrow AM. This week we cranked up my zones 15 to 20 watts and I hit numbers. I think I’ve finally started to absorb and benefit from the plyos. I’ve been at them for months, and with a recovery week last week I could handle the extra stress this week. Pretty cool to see the improvement.


LIVE STREAM of it dident happen!!! Im headed to Vegas for the weekend and Ill do as many as you do tomorrow the days im away!!


I tried Rouvy for the first time today. Did prt of a workout and then one of their augmented reality routes.

Couldn’t figure out why my power was so much lower than the target in ERG mode in the workout. Later figured out that it was showing my power meter power but was using the trainer power meter to determine he resistance.

On the augmented reality it was an approximate 8% grade climb from the start. Pretty cool but I need to play longer with it in the future.