Mondays with Mitch (Jan 7, 2019)


Good morning - I’m hoping to make this a regular post on Monday’s. A place for us to share our weekly plans, goals and challenges. Let’s make this a vibrant discussion - it’s only useful and fun if we all contribute and participate.

This week I’m beginning a new training plan I’ve built to prepare myself for the Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race in April 2019. The plan will focus on cycling fitness while also adding in easy runs as I work to build healthy running volume for a shift to run focus later in the season. This all translates to 4 planned bike and 3 planned run workouts this week. I’m hoping to do some yoga as well to improve my strength and flexibility.

Challenges I see will be handling the volume and intensity of the plan. I’m not shy to admit that I may turn the bias down for some of the bike workouts as my legs get used to the work again. Sleep and nutrition will be important as well. As the volume and days of work increase it will be crucial to get enough rest and to also fuel and recover with appropriate nutrition.

I will be leading a group workout Tuesday morning on Zwift (0530AM EST) and the weekly coffee ride on Wednesday morning at the same time. Sunday I also hope to join the weekly ODZentury ride at the same time as well. I plan to be on Discord for each of those rides. Drop in and say hello. So much more fun to chat while you ride!


Great idea Mitch!

I just came off a “rest” week which did not feel like rest! Even though volume and intensity were way down, the little efforts I did were in a completely different way, so I got sore! Plus, my body is still getting used to the plyometrics routine I started a few weeks ago.

This week is the start of a new training phase for me, focusing on increasing the zone at which I am able to clear lactate (somewhat around sweet spot), so it’s supposed to be challenging.

Oh, I am racing in the same event as Mitch in April!


Morning Mitch. That sounds like a leap of a week you’ve got coming up this week :slight_smile:
Hope it all pans out the way you want it to. How many yoga’s you wanting to add in?
You mentioned volume - what will those 7 workouts add up to time wise out of interest?

Off to Google the Gravel Road race now

Going to struggle to join you as that’s working time as always, but have fun on the rides.


Oh - coming week … well I’m coming to the end of a ‘block’, so I’m in taper mode (that’s posted elsewhere). And I’m REALLY looking fwd to doing whatever I flipping well want, whenever I want, when the Northern Hemisphere racing season finishes in 2 weeks … no idea what all this Summer racing is about. My season starts in January, and finishes in errrr, January.

And I’ve just seen Theia’s postand now I’ll have to Google plyo-somethings too …


Hi Mitch, I’m following this weeks Endurance Lab workouts,but i’ve found Yoga and core each morning is a great start to the day. I’m now jealous of the US and your gravel rides,seem to be loads more than the UK. So Wednesday is a day off work and the cyclocross bike is coming out into the cold, Trail riding in the Peak District is going to be cool.
Have a great week


Plyos work on increasing power (speed-strength)- specifically explosive power.

From Wikipedia:

Interesting fact: @dfriestedt and I both do the same plyo routine. He is a Classics TT type rider and I am an explosive type rider (Puncheur). If we start the plyos at the same time, I finish the sequence much faster than he does because I have more fast twitch muscle fibers.


This is my week. I’m finally getting back in the pool. I may add a few commutes depending on the weather, but training has begun in earnest again.

I am starting back into some running speed work after two consecutive 50-mile run weeks. My swims will be focused on speed and turnover. It’s a great time of year for that, as I can slowly build my endurance. In the last year, my swim cadence really fell off, and I paid for it in open water swims. Time to fix that, as I will be racing more short course stuff this year.


This is the week as planned. It’s a bump in volume and the challenge will be the running. Depending on how the legs feel I’ll play with that volume. Key for me is to also remember easy means easy. I ignored that on my Saturday run and am still feeling it today. I’m also lucky that my schedule affords the opportunity to run at lunch. Gives me a break between workouts.

Re: yoga, eventually I’d like to get to three sessions per week.


ummm… I do more?? And I’m 15" taller. But she is right. She is faster than me. It’s hard as hell to get through them. Her squats are faster. I think I go slower in order to hit my stronger muscles (which are not fast twitch). So interesting.


Here is my week:

Monday - Core / Plyos / Stretching - 1hr
Tuesday - Core - Workout - 2hrs
Wednesday - Core - Workout - 2hrs
Thursday - Core + Workout - 2hrs
Friday - - Core / Plyos / Stretching - 1hr
Sat - 2hr
Sun - 3hr

My numbers are up a lot this week - 10 to 15 watts. I’m coming off a “medium” 4 week block and rest week. We are rolling into Zone 5 and 10 (low threshold and vo2) It’s on like Donkey Kong this week. I’m really scared but plan to give it my all to hit new numbers. I have no idea what my TSS and all that stuff are. I just know it’s going to hurt and I’m ready for it.


Here is my week. I move key appointments (dentist, class, …) from my planner to TP. I did this last year and the process worked out well to help not forget appointments. I look at TP daily and maybe my planner once a week. Tina


Awesome. I love the sewing class. I wish I could take more classes. Jealous!


My money is on Theia to ‘win’ the race between the coaches. A little extra incentive in the training @MitchD


Yeah. This is the hard bit. Fitting in the ‘extras’. I’m having to force it into a schedule by ‘gameifying’ the thing. Even if it means doing what I did last night which was delay bedtime by 15 mins to do a routine before I hit the sack. Good luck. It is do’able amongst everything else. But I find I’m having to consciously say to myself ‘do it’ far more than getting on the bike.
(12 days in a row so far, and only the odd few days missing since early Dec - even if it’s just a ‘cheat’ 3 min breathing workout - which are awesome by the way)



From my experience you can get what you need with 2 weekly yoga sessions (I am talking about studio-type sessions). You don’t need more. You can do your own mini-stretches in the super tight areas in between at home, and breathing meditations at anytime.

Yoga is great but it is not so great to deserve a lot of time on the schedule of an endurance athlete, in my opinion. Plus, yoga is not without risks. Years of repetitive movements without proper alignment will result in injuries, and instructors usually are not paying that much attention to the “students”. I did ballet for 15 years and yoga for another 18+. The risks with too much yoga are:

a. Injury- I have issues with my shoulders, scalene and hamstring on right leg (at hip joint) that started about 8 years ago and won’t go away unless I completely avoid certain movements. To give you an example, I get nagging pains on my shoulders and scalene areas from push-ups and other arm exercises.

b. Overtaxing the muscles and compromising recovery- depending on the type of yoga. It can be deceivingly hard on the body on top of all the other stuff we do as cyclists and triathletes.

c. Too much flexibility- this is not as much of an issue for men, but women tend to already have more flexible joints by nature (I believe this is from estrogen), and too much yoga without strength/functional training can cause instability in the joints and result in injuries when cycling, running, etc.

My injuries did not happen overnight… they creeped up on me over the years. A good friend of mine who did yoga with me every week went on to become a yoga instructor. She recently decided to take down her number of yoga sessions and start strength and cardio training, as she too started having issues.


Aw man …

PS. one thing I don’t do is studio sessions - not making enough time for that. I should be crystal clear … none of mine are more than 15 minutes

Now I’m going to have to go google more stuff - this is a good week for learning … never stop learning. I’ve never heard of a ‘scalene’.
Your hamstring on right hip joint thing is very similar to my (non confirmed) injury of 4 years. Mine is about there and is the single biggest restriction I have in cycling.

Good summary.

My total weekly time is about 1.5 hours.


Ah - side of neck. Got it


My money is on Theia as well - assume you are talking the Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race? Guess I have to get serious on the diet now…


Really busy at work this week, which will essentially kill my ability to do strength workout. I’ll try to do the 15 minute core routine everyday though.
Mon: rest
Tues: group workout with Mitch
We’d.:Coffe ride
Thurs: Endurance Lab VO2 20/40
Fri: 1 hr zone 2 with high cadence interval
Sat: Endurance Lab sst 935 s
Sunday: ??? I’m taking a break from leading Odzentury 3.0 this week. Not sure what I’ll do though. I’d take suggestions


Since we are sharing… I have a short week since I am leaving for Las Vegas this weekend with the family so I am trying to get it all in. I am on the tail end of beta testing the strength workout plan we have come up with and I am pretty much crushed and useless after the workout. Ill post last nights workout at the the end of this. But it is a a reality check when the most I can muster is the low end of SST on the SST workouts because of the high level fatigue I bring into each workout. Definitely feeling the gains from the strength and looking forward to sharing the place with you all here as we dial it in!

Sample Workout:

HEAVY LEGS (that is NOT and understatement!!!)

Warm-up 10-15 minutes (running, elliptical, biking, and functional movements)

2 x 5 burpees on 1-minute rest
3 x 30 seconds Kettle Bell swing on 30 seconds rest

5 x 3 reps back squat on 2 minutes rest between sets

  • If you get to 3 reps and are not at muscle failure, add 10-20 pounds before the next set
  • If you cannot get to 3 reps, drop 10 pounds before the next set

5 minutes of recovery

5 x 3 reps deadlift on 2 minutes rest between sets

  • If you get to 3 reps and are not at muscle failure, add 10-20 pounds before the next set
  • If you cannot get to 3 reps, drop 10 pounds before the next set

5 minutes of recovery

4 x 1 minute Monster Walk on 1 minute recovery

5 minutes of cumulative time of Glute and Hamstring Plank