Mondays With Mitch - February 4, 2019


Week in Review:

I was super happy with last week. Kinda an odd week - was supposed to be a recovery week but with TeamODZ’s annual Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS)(Main goal is raising money for the Phinney Foundation and Parkinson’s patients) cycling challenge beginning on Saturday it was very abbreviated recovery. I planned a cycling fitness test for Thursday and admittedly went too hard on Wednesday during the Espresso Lap on my weekly Coffee Ride. Regardless, I had the best fitness test from a mental perspective ever. The test consisted of all out efforts of various lengths to ascertain my strengths and weaknesses along my power curve. My 5 second, 5 minute, 20 minute and 1 minute power were all tested (in that order) in the same hour. The week ended with the beginning of the ToS. Saturday and Sunday were busy with family and I bookended the weekend with some intense workouts.

This Week:

This week’s sole focus is the ToS cycling challenge. It should be noted that this is not part of my training plan but a fun cycling challenge TeamODZ rider’s have been participating in for years. The next few days have strength, yoga and mental skills thrown in alongside the daily cycling workouts. It’s a long hard slog of a week or workouts but its all for a good cause!

After this week I’ll build a recovery week that slides into workouts again at the end of the week.


So same as Mitch the ToS and FTP testing (4DP) meant my recovery week was not as easy or a full week. Didn’t feel completely recovered by the start of the Tour. I started a day early as I had to get the workouts in as we shall see from next week.

So a long weekend will mean I can’t complete ToS in the timeframe, so this will actually be lower tss than my recovery week! So 3 days off at the end of the week but I am sure the 7 days I can do in a row of the ToS will bite. This mini recovery break will hopefully set me up to finish the last 2 days of the tour and continue with 2 big weeks in the build for camp.


That looks a tough week coming up Mitch! Well done on the FTP test, it was fun to be along for the ride on your live stream.


I just came out of a recovery week and have a hard week ahead, pushing on new numbers. I am going to try to concentrate most of my carb intake in the hours surrounding my workout, instead of all day, and see how that goes.

I can’t believe we are only a few weeks away from Spring! Now is the time to go to the bike store for some tuneup and to transfer the most recent numbers from my bike fit to my “outside road bike”.


Last week:
Last week was a recovery week. I think it worked. I work up this morning and had revived (after a nap yesterday).

This week:
This week I signed up for Stinky Spoke on Saturday. The ride does not look promising even with renting a mountain bike. We had 8" of snow Sunday night and possibly more later this week. Temperature this morning was 18 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what I looked at riding indoors today.


So, I started the Transition Lab on Sunday. I have enjoyed the cadence and pedal stroke work. Still need to be smoother on the stroke and have more consistency at higher cadences. I love the core workouts and stretching but am trepidatious about the other workouts. I will definitely need to find substitutions for some things.


Joan, let us know and we can help you with substitutions. Also, if you are new to these types of strength exercises, you can start with fewer reps/sets.


So, here’s the post 2x tabata report:

Push-ups- atrociously done on knees
Flutter kicks- poor form and legs high but done
Bent over rows (with weights or books)- very thankful the heavy medical books have gone digital. ‘The Great Influenza, by John Barry (since it is winter) is a good size
Balance ball crunches- no ball and could not manage a crunch so did those abdominal braces
Body weight air squats- knees said no way so did bridges
Plank- didn’t make the time but did it
60 second recover

2 times through, 60 seconds per set:
Overhead press (use books, weights, etc)- same book, all ok
Lower back raises (face down, lift up your upper body)- ok, but switched to airplanes to avoid discomfort
Reverse lunges (alternating legs)- another knee no go. Mostly stepped back and forth but a little better with recurrent efforts
Side plank- usual form
Mountain climbers- stepped back and forth in the position -that is all I can do
Side plank (other side)- usual form

Overall, my mind was thinking I was an intern over 30 years ago doing unit PT in the Army. My body was laughing at me. Lol



Joan, I still do anything more than 1 rep of push ups on my knees. So I would not worry about that



Well, it looks like you definitely made some good calls on changing up the exercises. One of the things you can do instead of the squats is use a stretch band/cord. You can lie on your back, put the band under your feet for resistance and move your legs through the squat motion that way. It will eliminate the strain on your knees, and I am talking about as light of a stretch cord as you want, nothing hard.

As for push-ups, don’t worry about doing them on your knees. Like Andy said, he pretty much does them all on his knees, too. The planks are something you can build up over time. If you can only do 15 seconds, pause the clock, take a quick breath, restart the clock and go back into the plank. If it takes you three or four times to get to 60 seconds, that’s ok. Over time, you will be able to go longer. I think @Coach_Theia’s son is up to like five or six minutes or something crazy like that.


Weekly motivation quote…


Oh I like that stretch band suggestion. For some reason lately after doing squats my right knee has started to hurt (inside next to right kneecap). I am paying attention to my form and it doesn’t hurt while I am doing them, just after. And then it sort of throbs for day or to and goes away. No issues with the knee on the bike or as a result of the bike. So I am not sure what is going on. It seems like lunges aggravate it too. Is there an alternative @Coach_Ian I could do for lunges as well? I’m hoping my knee is just a tendon strain or something that needs a chance to get better :crossed_fingers:


@Stefanie, yes you can do it for lunges, too. When you do squats, make sure that your knee is not collapsing inward. That is a pretty common form problem due to a weakness/fatigue in some of the smaller muscles. The best way to check for that is do your squats in front of a mirror and look for that knee to collapse in or turn out. To correct that, use a stick or bands (TRX/stretch) to give you some support until you have built up the good form again.


Thanks @Coach_Ian! I will check my form in the mirror. I’ve never had any problems with squats or lunges before. I suspect I might have done something while walking through ice and snow a few weeks ago on my way to catch a bus to work.


Thanks @Coach_Ian, I will definitely do the band alternative


Late to the party, but I had a good week. In retrospect, I was lucky to get it all done. Beginning of a new semester, sick kid, but the morning workouts kept me sane. Another big build week ahead.
Good luck next week everyone!


Last week was a pretty good one for me, about 800 TSS, and I felt good smashing my legs. This week will be a little more interesting. Due to moving to a new apartment this weekend, I will get zero training on Saturday and Sunday. Well, I will get lots of strength work! Thus, I will take this week more as a recovery week and focus on getting ahead with work that is due in the beginning of March. I will probably only get about 400 TSS this week and still have to tweak my schedule. At least I have a delay today because of the weather. That means two workouts before work starts! Woo hoo!


That also meant you were able to do Coaches Corner from home and show us all the tools you have!! So, what was the weather delay? One inch of snow?


To close the week, I was able to hit most of the big challenging numbers that came my way. But then on Saturday I underestimated the difficulty of my workout and went in without enough glycogen (aka carbs on board)!! Needless to say, that session was very painful and hard, way harder than it needed to be…


Overall, a good week. The Body Weight Core was another interesting one. I am first working on how long I can just hang from extended arms before putting my feet down. Then will go from there:)
I found myself concentrating on cadence and pedal stroke throughout the week - I need to stop pointing my toes down. I am wondering if that habit makes my left posterior lateral hip pain (hamstrings and gluteal tendinopathy) worse - hoping the core work will help improve also. - joan