Mondays with Mitch - February 11, 2019


Last Week Review: I’m proud of and glad to have finished the Tour of Sufferlandria on Sunday. It was a monster increase in volume and intensity for me. I was completely knackered by the end of the workouts on Sunday and welcomed not having to get up and cycle today. I took the Coaches Corner advice and prefueled many of the days with maple syrup and banana. Seemed to work well for me. During the workouts that were an hour or less I used a stronger electrolyte solution and then fueled appropriately after the workout.

This Week: I honestly have to re-write my plans for this week. I shortened a recovery week to begin the ToS and worked myself very hard last week. This week needs to be a recovery week and then I need to build out my plan going forward.


The last coaches corner podcast got me thinking about my diet. Last year at this time I was 4 pounds lighter and absolutely at the lightest and strongest I’ve been in 20 years. I was doing exactly what we have all been talking about. Eating lean and healthy with lots of vegetables. But before during and after cycling I was certainly adding the proper carbohydrates necessary to pre-fuel and of course post fuel the ride. The rest of the day I would eat mostly like a weightlifter who is trying to stay lean. Speaking with some of my weightlifting knuckle brains that have coaches as well I consciously increased my protein intake including shooting a small amount of liquid protein before my morning workout. Yes I’m drinking those egg whites. Obviously if the workout is a longer one that there is much more fueling required but for the short ones I’m getting back to protein a little banana and yes a little maple syrup It’s time to really concentrate on fuel going into the second half of winter and spring I want 4 pounds off and I want to feel like @Coach_Theia, which is clearly a feeling like I can crush anybody ! Lol.
Ps the pills are ginseng and l-carnetine for better or worse.


Last week was a success for me. Except for my Thursday workout, which was insanely hard. I had to take some small “breaks” during the middle of the hard efforts.

We do a lot of high cadence training, and doing upper threshold efforts at 100RPMs is really really hard. It’s something I need to practice and improve.

There was some interesting banter on the “Interweb” about ERG mode this week. It’s hard to engage on these other forums where people get outright nasty. The bottom line is learning to control your power is very important and you cannot do that with ERG mode. If you can control your power you can control spikes. If you can control spikes you are not throwing away energy. If you are not throwing away energy, you can use that stored energy when it counts.

Controlling your power with your mind, body and legs takes practice. And if you use ERG mode the computer is doing it for you. You will not learn how to do it yourself with ERG mode on.


That looks like a perfect combo for pre-workout, and the protein helps slow down the release of the faster carbs. Really, having enough carbs on board feels awesome! I see you are a Costco fan- same here- they have great stuff.


@Coach_Theia yes I left out the Costco Vermont maple syrup but I love that stuff now and use it in my bottles with half a nuun tab on my longer rides. So far so good, not summer tested yet but really love it indoors and out. I forgot that even on the shorter rides and training sessions I need to get back to pre-fueling. You guys are right even just a little bit triggers your body to say hey man it’s OK. I really got off the bike feeling better than ever today. I do have to admit the lower cadence drill we’re hard after riding my single speed mountain bike for three hours on Sunday. That bike he gives you a very deep leg workout. Anyhow feeling great and for the first time in a long time really in the mood to get into training with focus like I had last year

@dfriestedt Well said. I am guilty of using ERG too much though not always. Advice taken. As for other threads they are not as special as this one. We are here to objectively help each other where as the rest of the world discussions turn into banter really quickly


AMEN to that Drew! This becomes blatantly obvious when you’re riding with riders up a hill and you’re able to change cadence sit stand and just stick with people as they suffer and chat with them about how important it is to keep power at all different cadences and positions.


@Dean I have been trying homemade gels w/ maple syrup. How much maple syrup do you put in your water bottle w/ a NUUN tab? I may try this out instead of NUUN Performance powder or Skratch in a bottle. If I can buy maple syrup cheaper Costco, I am going to make a trip to Costco.


With Seattle’s snowmageddon I have been run/walking indoors between an indoor track (11+ laps = mile) and the treadmill. The Stinky Spoke ride was cancelled as the gravel hills are short but steep and were covered in ice/snow.

This week is build. I am experimenting more w/ using homemade gels this week. I am also watching the weather as need (oops want) to drive to a conference on Friday. Forecast is gradual warming back to normal temperatures.


@goldendogy. Well now I have been putting 1/2 nuun tab and two unscientific pours of maple syrup in a 16 oz bottle. I just looked at the maple syrup and it says 220 cal for a quarter cup. I’m probably putting about an eighth of a cup maybe a tiny bit more. That would make sense to have a little bit more than 100 cal in a bottle

I have yet to make a homemade gel out of bananas and maple syrup. I do have a reusable gel pack and I’m trying to figure out what to try to put in there. It has to pass through a nozzle.