Mondays with Mitch - Feb 25, 2019 - Don’t call it a comeback!


Brutally honest here. The last two weeks have been lousy. Real funk that I attribute to a tour of Sufferfest hangover as well as just midwinter blahs from never seeing the sun.

It’s not that I haven’t worked out, it’s just that they’ve followed no rhythm and haven’t been consistent. We’re going to change that this week.

Simple goal this week. Ride and run regularly, complete a couple set workouts and begin a build for the mid April event. I also get to make sure I’m prepped for a late March / early April trip to the Bay Area. The bike will meet me there and riding is part of my plan while there.

What’s your goal and plan for this week?


Easy week here as I am also trying to slowly bleed off the fatigue from the tour to get ready for TeamODZ Training camp next week! Goal is to come into the week some place over +10 on the fitness scale.


I am on a recovery week- yeah!! Last week was a big one and I am feeling a strong sense of accomplishment as I saw improvements in the course of the last 4 weeks.


Big week, as could do double sessions all week, as I test and prep for AZ.

This week will be a few more days of work and then ramp down to be fresh for next week


Ok, it’s time to get back to owning up to what we have been doing or failing to do.

Last week was a big running week for me, as I was traveling for work. I got 36 miles of running in, including a run across the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather on the way over was a bit crappy, but the return was awesome. It was nice to run along the ocean a bit. I did some riding over the weekend and also got a swim in during the week. I am pretty sure my swim suit is still in my suitcase, though. The week ended up being about 700 TSS.

This week is another big week, topping out at 890 TSS. I am off from work tomorrow, so I get to ride long tomorrow and then do a double brick on Saturday. Sunday is all about Paris-Roubaix for me, so the only TSS I will get will be going to the bathroom and the kitchen.

One more big week after this, and then I get a recovery week…just in time to visit @AndyJ in London. That is like 150 TSS on its own!


@AndyJ stick ‘im on a bus afterwards up to Scotland and @Kev-stephen and I will take him out to chase some haggis …

@Coach_Ian … re plans … I have an event in two weeks, I only do 2-3 a year that need fitness.
So I’m not going to be doing planning for 2-3w. For now … one hard week this week where I’ll try and do 2x SUF videos at 100%, then next week is a traditional taper.

When it gets in to May it gets too warm (goes above 5C) … so dunno what I’ll do cycling wise in May, might see what Endurance Lab holds, or perhaps ease off a bit, just do odd maintenance sessions … annual goals already done :slight_smile: