Mindfulness Meditation

A good 2-part article from REI on mindfulness and running that also can be extended to cycling:


I do 10 minutes of daily meditation using the Headspace app and really like it. I do the basic 10-day free series over and over. I think it really does help with getting through tough workouts and rides not to mention plain old daily stress.

Anyone else meditate? Any favorite apps? Or maybe just some good tips to consider for making the most of meditating?

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I’ve never done “meditation only” as a practice. Nevertheless, I’ve practiced yoga for over 12 years and learned to meditate that way- I use breathing and “clearing the mind” when I need it- and I find it very helpful. I believe the moving meditation from yoga helped me learn to fall asleep and stay asleep on long flights (I can sleep for 7-8 hs during an 11h flight in coach!)

Yoga also helped me be in tune with how I am feeling- reading signals from my body and my mood/reactions…

Having said that, I haven’t been doing much yoga lately- just seems hard to fit it in. I will give Headspace a try!

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I envy you your ability to sleep on plane! I can’t do it. My husband can fall asleep anywhere, even on public transit. Maybe I should start doing more yoga, only I don’t know when I’d have the time. Then again I don’t fly on planes very often so maybe I’d still get some benefit with a once a week session? Any particular poses or even online videos you find most useful? I have not found a yoga studio/class I like after having a great teacher about 6 years ago doing a class at my workplace twice a week. She moved away :cry:

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I fall asleep in MRIs too, and when waiting 10 minutes sitting at the washing bowl at the salon hahahaha!
Check out YogaGlo (on line classes and app). They have some of the best yoga instructors, and you can select classes based on what you are looking for and duration. Even 15 min twice a week, or 30 min once a week is beneficial.


Hey guys
I haven’t been back here for a while … and what do you know the first thing that pops up is this thread!
In the past couple of years I have done mindfullness meditation on a daily basis - preceded by some gentle stretching/yoga. Then life got a bit hectic for almost a year and I only managed a tiny bit (luckily there is a Wednesday group that meets in my local village, so I haven’t completely let it go).
So I’ve just started getting back at it and funnily enough I happened upon a Buddhist centre on my bike ride on Saturday … and they run weekly classes that fit my schedule! I had an amazing chat with a local artist in the coffee shop … and feel so inspired to really give myself the time to do more meditation, yoga and art!
I’ve found it helps in all walks of life - it doesn’t mean that you change your life, but that you learn the skills to appreciate it, feeling much more at peace and well.
I like this workout (YouTube psychtruth Jen Holman). it’s kept me injury free for over a year https://youtu.be/enZAPsULaC4
though I would like to progress to do more to improve flexibility and strength now I have a bit more flexibility.


Oh @LiseBeynon, how cool you found a Buddhist center with with classes that fit your schedule! And thanks for the yoga link! I will be giving that a go and checking out Theia’s YogaGlo too! I’ve never been especially flexible even when I work on it, but I have noticed that the older I get the flexibility slowly disappears too so I really need to start focusing on that and keep up the daily meditation too!

Lise! It’s nice to hear from you!! Hope things are going as well as they can for you :slight_smile:

Hey @ELab
Things are great thanks. I did my 6hr adventure race a couple of weekends ago and felt totally great … managed to bike 3.5 hrs, run 1.5 hrs and kayak 1 hr with very little stopping - except to read the map! Also my map ready was great - no lost time wondering where we were! I could have gone faster on the bike, but my partner hasn’t quite got the fitness, which was fab as it meant I could go into the run feeling pretty good. Did realise that there is absolutely no substitute for climbing hills off road than doing just that - mainly for confidence!
Hope alls well with you and the race season goes well x


Awesome Lise! Happy to know! Stay in touch.

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