Maple Syrup Hack to Replace Energy Gel


I imagine the bitterness of the coffee would balance it out


Yep. It does.


The reason Canadian maple Syrup is the best? The sugar huddles together in the trees when it gets cold:


That just looks miserable.


What our trees do to make us that wonderful syrup! Tried VMS and a 1/2 nun tab in my bottle today on the Zentury. Love it! Little sweet, little salt, no notable stomach problems or spike like feelings . Did get the full 100k done.

More experiments to come.

ps. What is our next lab?


Hey Dean,
There was a link at the top of this week’s workout description.



It was! But at least it was pretty. The next day we woke up to -40C.


Ok, so Cacao, maple, banana.
For indoor training, eat half a banana every 30 mins, with some maple syrup mixed with cacao in a bowl per mixed (as indoors we can use the shelf)
And take a tablespoonful every 15 minutes on top of the half banana every 30?


I guess. I just eat the whole gel every 40-60 minutes, depending on intensity and duration.


I priced a homemade gel compared to a commercial gel (Untapped: Pure Maple Syrup gel). The commercial gel has 2T maple syrup. For an ‘equivalent’ comparison, I compared 1 homemade gel to 2 commercial gels.

If you see any errors or know of better prices for ingredients, let me know and I can update.

The commercial gels with equivalent maple syrup are considerably more expensive. The homemade gel has additional healthy ingredients such as 1/2 banana.



Or- you can do Rasputista in upstate Vermont in April. They even had out ice shot glasses filled with Vermont maple syrup.

You ride by a dozen sugar shacks during the race too. If you get too cold, they also give out fireball and Jager shots at the rest stops.

We have a handful of people in my area making their own maple syrup. I also have a few friends with bee hives who make their own honey.

Nothing artificial in them. Yum!


So i bought a reusable pouch and put a few shot glasses of Costco MS in it and boom. It works great! No cost analysis. Est bout 5-600 cal in the pouch. That with other hard foods and a bottle with syrup and Nuun tabs and boom. I rode 25 miles on the MTB for 3+H and had a great Sunday. I ate and drank more than the others. At the end, I finished strongest and only 3 of us did the whole ride, most dropped at 15 miles , 2.25 H.


So far, the only issue that I have with the Maple Syrup Hack is that I feel like Buddy the Elf sometimes when I am on my second or third one. Other than that, I love it.