Maple Syrup Hack to Replace Energy Gel


Guys, @Coach_Theia told me about using Maple Syrup rather than energy gels. Maybe she can elaborate, but it was discussed in a past Velonews Fast Talk podcast.

For some reason I cannot eat properly on longer rides inside. In the last hour I always seem to be low on energy . Today at hour 2 I literally tool a large spoon full of this Maple Syrup. It was amazing. It’s not like eating raw sugar. It does not hit you like a ton of bricks. Maple Syrup is a complex carbohydrate with all sorts of minerals (according to Theia). I took a spoon full and I could feel it absorb pretty quickly and it got me through the last hour.

Ted King sells this packaged through his website. . I’m going to buy some and report back.


I would save your money with the organic stuff when it comes to Maple syrup. No one I know up here is using pesticides on what are, generally, old established sugar maples.


Makes sense. Probably marketing trick to charge more


We do tend to buy organic where we can, Drew, but there are times it doesn’t make sense to me. This is one. I tried the maple syrup gels a few years back where they were passing out samples. This is the company:

It was a good product, but a bit pricey and I try to avoid the packaging if possible. Seems like there are a lot of pretty simple recipes out there on the net. I love the stuff. Amongst many things, it’s a great way to rescue a smoothie if you’ve taken a chance on a new ingredient and it’s not working out. Maple syrup is the nectar of the gods, eh!


I have to agree with @MarcnotMatt. First, he’s Canadian, which makes him an expert in maple syrup by birthright. Second, I think you may find it more economical to buy a case of cans of maple syrup and a couple of gel flasks. You can make your own gels that way. It’d probably be a lot cheaper, and you wouldn’t generate so much waste.

If you need to mix it up from maple syrup, you can also try agave or honey. Personally, though, I just prefer to soak a pancake in maple syrup, wrap it up in some foil, and eat it on the road.


In this video @Coach_Ian shows how to make your own energy gels with maple syrup and coffee!


I am so behind. Sounds like you guys have known about this “Hack” for years.


It was yummy. Had it today when I started the Over/Under 125. Needed a little pick-me-up after doing my reading for class.


If I can ever figure out how to make a decent video, I’ll show you how we can take Ian’s basic recipe, thin it out with some saline, and go directly intravenous. That’s right, a Maple, coffee drip.


I am so excited about @Coach_Ian’s video demo.

I have a Gu Hydrapak and don’t like it. The pouch is hard to clean.

I had no idea one could buy disposable pouches. I am going to buy some and experiment with the homemade maple syrup gel recipe. These pouches can have endless possibilities. Puree apples in a blender and put into the pouches. Make @Coach_Theia pre-workout mix with some water and put into the pouches. Make a post-workout pouch and freeze. Put the pouch with ice into a cooler in the car and have a cool pouch after a long ride.

I was given an Untapped maple syrup gel sample at a race. When I tore the gel open (on a hot day), I got most of the liquid maple syrup on my hands which I proceed to wipe onto the front of my shirt. I thought the gel would have a consistency of GU, but the gel was the consistency of water. By creating homemade gels, I can adjust the consistency.


First batch / experiment done! I let the salt mound on the measuring spoon. Next time I will measure the salt exact as taste test indicates salty.



wow!!! awesome!!


ummm @Coach_Theia any interest in making some??? I’ll clean your bike!!




@Coach_Theia just keeps the stuff that keeps her faster then you a secret… =P


I wonder how long these are good for? @Coach_Ian illing to test if they are good 3-5-10 then 20 days after making them??


Not sure. They taste so good, mine disappeared. I believe that they can be frozen, so that would extend their shelf life. Other than that, I would say max of a week because of the smashed banana, if you store them in the fridge.


My box came with a magnetic sticker. Personally, I would be comfortable keeping in the fridge for a week. I’m not a baby (most of the time).


How sweet do these taste? My stomach tends to rebel on long rides when anything tastes sweeter than a banana.


Not too sweet. In fact, a lot less sweeter than most gels.