Kit order is OPEN NOW!


Thanks for all your patience with me in getting this order setup and ready. Now it’s ready for you! Place your order ASAP, as the store is only open until midnight PST on Saturday February 10th, 2018.


Looking for some advice from those with experience with Castelli. I’m considering snapping up some of this fine looking kit but a question on sizing. I am bang-on for large on the Castelli chart but I recall trying on some of their higher end kit a couple of years ago and had to size up a couple of steps just to get it on. If I go for the Aero kit should I size up the XL? If I stick with the basic stuff am I OK with a L? Inquiring minds want to know…


The general consensus is that the aero and San remo kits fit “tighter” but they are more stretchy and flexible and actually end up being more comfortable than the lower end stuff.

Are you at the top end of the sizing for L? If so, I’d recommend XL. I’m 6’2” and 178lbs and I wear L in both aero and San remo and it fits great. I also have L team bib shorts that fit fine. I actually don’t have the podio jersey since it’s brand new this year, but it’s supposed to be an improved design over the team jersey we offered before. The team jersey was infamous for needing to be baggy, since its not very flexible at all.

In general their sizing charts are good and accurate, but they do fit small for sure, so for comfort we usually recommend going up a size if it’s in question at all.


i wear castelli often. definitely snug. i am XS in everything but S in castelli. super awesome quality. i cannot speak highly enough of the brand


Yep, castelli is my go to. Just look at my pic. It’s all castelli.


I wear a Small in Castelli for women’s jerseys, but for the unisex jerseys (such as the Team ODZ blue/orange) I wear the XS.


When can we expect to receive our order?


You should expect them to arrive in Mid April, and there will be emails that come out a couple weeks before they ship with details on how to add t-shirts, bottles, socks, hats, polos, etc to the order without adding anymore shipping cost.