Is running good for cycling? Cadence changes, traveling for events and more!


Great topics today, including:

  • Does running make you a better cyclist at the amateur level?

  • When should I quit a tough workout?

  • Why do we change cadence in some of our workouts?

  • Why do we stand in our workouts?

  • How do you handle long-distance travel to races and rides?

  • I am new to cycling and Zwift, and I have 3 days to ride. What type of rides would you recommend I do?

  • If you could do 1 workout a week of an hour long, what would it be?


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Another terrific discussion! @Coach_Ian - after my first 3 Ironmans, my treat for finishing was a Hostess Suzy Q. After the last one, it was Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, all the waaaaaay :wink:


I have done the Spicy Chicken sandwich and a frosty, as well. It’s a great treat!


That frosty is key. To dip the fries in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly. That is exactly what I do.