Interview with Evan from Stryd on 19 August

On Monday, we will be interviewing Evan Schwartz from Stryd on the Coaches Corner. He hosts the Stryd Podcast and is a big part of the Customer Service team. For those who don’t know, Stryd is a running power meter. If anyone has any questions they would like us to ask, let us know.


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A few questions:

  • When will their iOS app support external heart rate monitors?
  • Will the TrainingPeaks integration support more than just power targets? For example, heart rate targets for X minutes, pace for X meters targets, etc?
  • Any plans for dual stryd pod support to capture both feet (perhaps to see various imbalances between legs)?
  • How good is the water proofing in the new stryd compared to the old model?
  • Any plans to allow importing workout data from TrainingPeaks into Power Center for analysis?
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Sorry, but we didn’t get to the questions. Although, the second one was partially covered when discussing the Apple Watch. We can shoot these questions over to Evan if you’d like.

No worries! I had a poor experience with their Apple Watch app back when i first got the stryd so i switched to a different app but that means i don’t quite get all of the features from their power zone product. After listening to the podcast it sounds like they’ve put some work into the app and I’ll need to give it another shot.

If i still have questions I’ll reach out to their support team