I love coffee but NOT on airplanes and this is why. How about you?


I don’t ever really do coffee on planes but see a lot of people drinking it. I do remember @Coach_Ian talking about how terribly bad it was and glad that I dont.

" Coffee also tastes bad because airplanes screw with our senses" -this is nuts!!!


Although, I do suffer through airplane coffee on overnight flights after I wake up. I don’t want to roll through customs and immigration looking stoned.


Especially when carrying little baggies filled with scratch.


Exactly @Coach_Ian and @Petals!

So here is my hack for that- this is what I started doing years ago when flying several times a month for my old job. I bring the single-serve packets of matcha green tea and cold brew coffee that can be mixed with cold water. I also bring my bike bottle which I use for of course water, but also to mix my tea/coffee AND my protein shake powder that I bring on board. Flight attendants are usually happy to refill my bottle with the airplane’s bottled water.


Nice hack I like that!

Crazy world we live in that we bring all this “comfort” items with us. But I guess flying though the air at 500mph is also pretty crazy right?


yes! And my bike bottle is a grown’s up version of a baby bottle :baby::baby_bottle: