How to stay hydrated during winter training


Do you hydrate differently for your winter training than any other season?

TDLR: Takeaways

  1. Don’t neglect hydration in the winter, especially if large amounts of your training is done indoors or in cold, dry conditions where fluid loss can be surprisingly high.

  2. Turn up as hydrated as possible. And don’t just drink loads right before you get started.

  3. Listen to your body (and keep an eye on urine colour) to monitor your hydration level. Dark pee means you probably need to increase fluid intake. If it’s completely clear and you are peeing alot, you’re probably drinking too much, which can be as bad than not drinking enough.

  4. Drink to thirst rather than setting arbitrary targets for how much you think you ‘should’ be consuming.

  5. Add electrolytes (sodium is the key one) to drinks if sessions are particularly long, arduous, if you have an especially high sweat rate or you’re training 2 or more times per day.