How to motivate yourself to train this winter


What are your biggest struggles for training in the winter months?

Here are some great tips from our friends at Precision Hydration

Set your next goal ASAP
Plan tomorrow, tonight
Train with other people


I find it helps to have training partners. @Stefanie and I workout on Zwift at the same time and use discord to chat. It helps both of us get off the couch after coming home from work. I help lead one of the group workouts on Zwift. You have to show up when you’re the lead.

I also make sure to get outside and ride with others. Yes, I live in New England where we have freezing temperatures. We do not ride the same way as spring, summer and fall months.

  1. We go night mountain biking. Its so exhilarating!
  2. We go fat biking and mountain biking. Part of the reason we end up in the woods is that there is less of an issue with wind, cars and sand and salt on the roads. It’s not about speed in the winter, its about getting together and getting some fresh air.

Winter riding is similar to skiing. Proper clothing choices go a long way for an enjoyable winter season. When we can no longer ride, we snowshoe and rock climb.


It definitely helps to train with other people! Not only are you held accountable, but it’s also more fun. Chatting with @Petals while working out makes the time go by fast and keeps me from getting bored.

I think it also helps to look ahead to next outdoor season and think about events, etc. I like to plan on doing an event or ride I have never done before. It gives me something to aim for and think about as the snow piles up outside.

And do fun stuff too! Zwift racing, group rides, fondos, whatever. It’s nice to break things up and add some spice.


When does this all happen. Sounds like an episode of “On the team bus” in the making.


It happens pretty regularly Monday through Thursday night. 8 EST/ 7 CST. @Petals and I egg each other on, hatch crazy plans to drive @Coach_Theia wild, and chit chat about unicorns and other magical things :grin: You are welcome to join us any time @Coach_Flo! We use the lab discord channel.


In the winter, it is the darkness, cold, and multiple days of rain that is the biggest struggles for me. Seattle can get dreary. Depending on how big a season I had, I could be burnt out mentally and physically and not wanting to see the bike, pool, or running shoes. This has not been the case for 2018. My big events got over early in the season.

The below list helps me stay motivated during winter:

  • Schedule a couple events for next year (Lavaman March 2019!).
  • Replace some swim, bike, run with new or unstructured activities (yoga, hike, …).
  • Fix any niggles or imbalances that cropped up (running evaluation).
  • Keep using Training Peaks (keep the habit).

I have been listening to The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. The book has been rather enlightening.

The book made me realize that I have a strong habit loop - Training Peaks (cue), activity (trigger), and satisfaction from seeing cells turn green or orange and the feel of endorphins (reward). I lost many work habits with retirement end of September. Continuing the Training Peaks habit loop this winter is important to me. However, I will put impromptu and unstructured activities on the calendar. Tina