How to connect your Endurance Lab plan to Zwift


That link has all the zwo files you need.


Today’s workout (zone 2 endurance) appeared on Zwift and my Bolt without any issues. It was just the weird race simulation workout that wasn’t syncing (and apparently wasn’t supposed to be there anyway).


I had mine two days ago but now they don’t appear. It’s a blank calendar with 9nlybwhat I have done. No workouts. It’s difficult to even find the calendar, Training Peaks insists on upgrade, upgrade, . I am trying to find the email to try to click thru link. I will try later. I have to train no time to figure this out.


Direct message me @juneupshaw I will sort you out.


Yay… . it was there. I got it!!! I didnt even put two and two together. One screen shot would show the PC I have has the page so enlarged that you can’t see the outer perimeter. I never saw the left side of the page. Doh!! I am so stoooopid. I knew to just sleep.on it.


Sorry. You can’t fix this kind of airhead.


Thank you!!! You guys were so quick to help.


My zone 2 workout did not show up in Zwift on Monday (Apple TV). I will try again tomorrow and see if the 646 shows up or not.


Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before - I can no longer move my workouts around to suit in Training Peaks. I am not too bothered about the non-bike workouts, but I will need to move the bike workouts (I’ve been away so playing a bit of catchup and rescheduling). Can I manually download the workouts on to zwift?


@LiseBeynon you have a few options:

  1. With the free TrainingPeaks account you can always move workouts from any other day to the current day. So you can pull future or past workouts to the current day, then they will sync to Zwift.

  2. You can also download the ZWO files directly from the Getting Started page of the website.


Thanks Justin. I have been able to do that but now for some reason I can’t and when I try it Open’s up an Upgrade option. I’ll have another look. Thx


@LiseBeynon check out this link and you can get the files you are looking for to load into Zwift


The workout showed up on Zwift. That’s so awesome! Training Peaks is alright! Did the workout as prescribed.