How to connect your Endurance Lab plan to Zwift


Here are the simple instructions on how to get your Endurance Lab workouts in Training Peaks to auto-populate in Zwift in the workout menu on the day you want to do the workout.



Hi Ian,

I am connected to Training Peaks on the Zwift app but the workouts are not coming up when I select a workout. Am I missing a step?


Only the workouts scheduled for the current day in TP will show up in Zwift, maybe that’s your issue? If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting TP to Zwift.


Are we supposed to be manually uploading our workouts to Training Peaks?


@LiseBeynon, if you have Zwift and TrainingPeaks connected, your workouts will automatically be uploaded to TrainingPeaks after you ride. In fact, not just the workouts, but all activities you do on Zwift. That way you don’t have to do it manually.


@LiseBeynon the workouts should load into your account and should look something like this:

Let me know if you need more help.


@jagoggin were you able to sort this? lmk if you need more help.


All set! Thank you!


I was able to download each and put it a EL folder inside workouts folder, this worked. next week ill allow the auto and try that


For the strength workouts in TP, are we just checking ‘completed as planned,’ or is there some other kind of bookkeeping you want us to do? Thanks –


The workouts were coming up in Zwift until the upgrade today. Now I can’t get today’s bike workout. Is there a way to do it manually? Need to do the workout this morning due to other commitments


You should be able to download the workout file directly from the TrainingPeaks website, then load it into your workouts folder.


Thanks. Got it eventually


What fixed it in the end @ruth1


Not sure. I disconnected and reconnected TP to Zwift about 5 times and eventually it showed up. I can’t get today’s workout to show in Zwift though. On iPad so don’t know how to transfer and download zwo files. Will do the connect/disconnect again


@ruth1 we should be able to help you with that too… check out this link and let me know if you need more help.

Here is a link to the ZWO files:


Thanks. Will give it a go tomorrow and let you know if there are any issues


Given the fact that a couple of people have reported an issue with TP linking to Zwift in the past couple days (@jlemon, @Dean, and @ruth1) do we think that maybe something is messed up on the TP or Zwift end of things?

This morning when I started, I was able to see my TP workout on my Bolt (it always shows at bootup if there is one that day), so it seems like TP is still publishing them, but maybe Zwift isn’t displaying them properly?

Has anybody experienced the TP -> Zwift connection still working properly in the past couple days? I know I haven’t tested it myself.


I better export Thursday’s ride then move it to my IOS device.