How to apply Training Plan, how to connect TrainingPeaks to Zwift


  1. Accept the Training Plan as shown in the video below:
  1. Go to your Training Peaks account, you should be able to view your calendar there. Then click on the icon shown below:

  1. You will see the shared Training Plan, click on that:

  1. The Training Plan window will pop up, then click on the “apply” button, as shown below:

Once you do the above steps, you will have the Plan on your Training Peaks calendar.

  1. From there, you will need to connect Training Peaks to Zwift, so that your workouts show up on Zwift on the days you have a bike workout. See video below.

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Do you need to export each workout to zwift or will it happen automatically? So far I’ve been exporting the day prior to the workout but not sure if actually need to do this?

Michelle, it will export automatically if you do the workout on the same day that it is scheduled in TP.

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Workout wasn’t on zwift for some reason today. Had to export and upload manually. I did check zwift was connected to training Peaks and have had no problem before!

You are not alone alot of issues today on zwift. Head over to to get all the zwo files to have loaded up just encase it doesn’t come over or just make it one less thing to worry about before your workout.

@Michelle try this link too. Best practices is to login to training peaks and put then workout you are doing on the present day so it will be sent to zwift. Unless it’s broken like it was for @LiseBeynon and others this morning.

Zwift is clearly having issues; just got ready for my workout and zwift won’t log me in - very frustrating!

it happen one time to me this tuesday. Had to close Zwift and came back. Second time, it was there…