Hi! Warming up for race without a bike!

Hi all! I have a race tomorrow… I’m doing the cycle leg of a superprint triathlon. It’s very short, 10km on a dual carriageway (4x2.5km), so flat out power for 15 mins I’m guessing. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on warming up?? The race starts at 9:33 but bike checkin closes at 8:30… so I’ll have no bike to warm up! Not sure what to do :thinking: Any ideas much appreciated!
Hope you are all well :biking_woman:t2::dash:

Hi Jackie! I have done a few crits this year without a warm-up because the location just wasn’t suitable and I did not have a portable trainer. The races went just fine.

Warm-up is important to prevent injury, get the muscles ready, etc., but it is not absolutely mandatory.

Having said that, you could do the following: alternate 1-2 min running in place with 4-5 squats for 10 min.

Have fun!! Let us know how it goes!

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Hi Theia! How are you? Miss you guys! Especially having done the Zwift Academy and got motivated again!
That’s super helpful thanks! I’m going to ride to the race (only 4km) but that will be an hour and 20 before the start, should I roll there or do some efforts do you think?
You told me in your last message to take it easy getting back in to things… I have a confession to make :grimacing: I jumped straight in to the academy and went full on for 2.5 weeks to graduate :roll_eyes: sorry! Haha! But I did increase my ftp from 165 in my first session (TT race) to 175 in my last session (TT race) and in the last one I was only giving it 95% and my legs were completely fried having done workouts 8-10 in the three days before! So I’m happy I got back up to fitness for tomorrow’s race but I need a week down time after tomorrow ha ha!
Thanks for the support and advice for tomorrow! Any guidance on a dead turn?! It’s up a 2.5 km toad 4 times with a dead turn at end! Not down one before in a draft race! Scary! Xx

Hey Jackie- sorry I did not see this on time… How was it?