Hi! I’ve not forgotten about you all!

Hi all! Hi @ELab and @Coach_Ian!
So sorry I’ve not been in touch. I did my triathlon and it went all a bit wrong. My swim was pretty good considering my lack of training, came out in top 40%. My bike was pretty good, it was heavy rain and wind unfortunately so I didn’t get a PB but I reckon I would have if it’d been sunny! I was 6th fastest out of 50 women in my race and I was just on a road bike not TT. Then I started my run and only 1.5km into the run my dreaded recurring stomach cramp/stitch thing cane on and I couldn’t move. I had to pull out. This was a real downer for me, I don’t mind crashing out / injury / fainting but I felt great and wanted to run hard and the pain was out of my control and I just want to know what it is and no one seems to have any idea. I was so upset. Anyway, I’ve dont nothing but commute to work since then (1 July). I did barely any of that last lab which makes me angry. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed our super summer weather and being mummy to our wonderful 1 year old girl. I’m not worrying about having time off! I’ve just enrolled in ZA so that’ll hopefully get me back into things! I may need to address my chocolate intake too :flushed:
Hope you are all well and have enjoyed your summer!
Jackie :blush::biking_woman:t2:


Hey Jackie! I was thinking of you the other day. Thanks for checking in! 6th out of 50 and without a TT bike is a really a great result! I am sorry about the stitches during the run… I can imagine how disappointing that was for you.

Have fun with ZA! Check out the videos explaining the workouts on the Endurance Lab YouTube channel!

Keep in touch!

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Hi @ELab
I went and got sick! So I’ve done nothing yet :sob: I need to get back in the saddle and attempt ZA! But I have a crit type race last weekend of September which I’m worried about having my done anything since 1 July :grimacing: except my short daily commutes. Hopefully there’s something left in my lungs and legs from the training I did pre July :pray:t2:
Hope you are well! :biking_woman:t2::dash:

Jackie, you need to start taking some of @cullenac’s herbs! I am not kidding- I take them and they are amazing :wink:

I assume the crit type race you have in 2 weeks is a short race? Try to do a few workouts between now and then, but start easy!! And just take this event as an opportunity to learn and have fun.

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Herbs sound good! I recently started adding iron which seems to be giving me more energy. I had a lots of colds early in the year and this is the first in a while but I guess with a toddler I’ve got plenty to come :sob: but would be grateful for guidance! @cullenac :slight_smile:
The race is a relay supersprint triathlon in the amateur part of the Superleague series which is in Jersey this year. So I’m doing the bike leg with two friends doing the swim and run. It’s only 10km, 4 x 2.5km laps of a tight, bendy, town flat circuit. But I really want to do well so as not to let my team mates down :sob:
Are you well?? Have you been doing ZA or too difficult with the job too?
Thanks lots!

Just make sure you build up a little bit for it by doing a few workouts - be conservative- short intervals, high cadence, etc. just so you are not completely cold turkey going ALL OUT in the race and risking an injury.

All good here! We have some new exciting things coming up in the Lab! I am leading rides and coaching athletes doing ZA, but am not doping it myself as it does not align with my training plan :wink: