Hey, Bike Shops: Stop Treating Customers Like Garbage

Ever run into an experience like this?

Some interesting facts:

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All the time. Still do even now that I know the guys in the local shops.
Especially recently when I went to get my youngest a new bike. I did not want to get her coaster brakes because she did so well with the balance bike and picked up pedaling right away. So I knew hand brakes wouldn’t be an issue.
I was told “ oh that’s a European thing we don’t do that here, so i cant get you a bike” and tried to push other ones
I ordered it online, put it together myself and within an hour of it arriving she was riding and using her hand brakes.
I still have to ask questions sometimes about maintenance and stuff but I end up ordering almost everything online now.

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My parents had a similar problem. They wanted to get something small fixed on one of their older bikes. The mechanic said that he didn’t work on that kind of bike, and they would need to get new ones. Yeah, they just waited for me to visit, and I fixed it.

While I love sending business to local bike shops, I cannot fathom why they would turn any away. It shouldn’t be hard to give someone my money. In fact, I thought that one of the first rules of business was to make it easy for people to pay you.