Healthy snacks for athletes


Ok folks, lets get another conversation going. Pre-training snacks and post tend to be a dead spot for people.
Most of you here are great to understand the whats and whys of the session which helps with the hows… here is a reminder

So, in order to encourage variety and choice when it comes to more carby type snacks or more protein dominant snacks, or mixed… PLEASE GET SHARING.

best answers may get a mention on the coaches corner

Me? I am a big lover of mashing vegan protein into cottage cheese and adding dates and nuts, but since being sick this option is no longer working for me so i am leaning towards porridge, with added pumpkin seeds, or porridge pancakes. I make enough porridge to do before and after and then switch on to normal meals.

dried fruit and nuts
oatcakes and nut butter
sliced apple and nut butter mashed with whey
banana and walnuts/brazil nuts
sliced meats and dates
cold potatoes and meat/ cheese
eggs on rye/ wholegrain and avo and cherry tomatoes
Boiled egg / egg muffins and banana/ rye/ sourdough/ wholegrain
egg and salad wholegrain pita
egg omelette and spinach and veg
egg fritatta with potatoes and veg
Rice/ quinoa/ and veg and chopped chicken / bean salad
quality protein smoothie with added nuts and seeds and dried fruits/ berries/ banana/ avo
cottage cheese and smoked or canned fish on rye/ wholegrain

so many options.

what is your training go to? for pre and post?

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If early morning not very much. If later then just whatever I’ve had during the day. Nothing specific.

Post: usually an SIS protein shake pretty quickly. Then just whatever meal is next.

I suppose … not really much specificity here … just fit it into the normal daily eating.

During: will use the odd gel, and protein bars or generic ‘bars’ or bread and jam if indoor endurance. Or scrambled eggs in a cafe if outdoor endurance again accompanied by energy bars I’d somw sort on the go.


I do my workouts at night and don’t snack beforehand since I have eaten dinner 60 - 90 minutes earlier. On weekends when I do get to ride early I have oatmeal for breakfast but no pre-ride snack. After workouts I usually have a small glass of non-dairy chocolate milk. If I am hungry, which happens now and then, I will have whole wheat toast with nut butter or whole wheat matzoh with nut butter. On weekends I will just have lunch or dinner when I get home. Ride snacks are all homemade and vary depending on the weather, how long I will be out, and what I am in the mood for.


I stick to the same items. Not a lot of variety. Maybe a goal for next year to modify.


  • banana w/ some almond butter
  • 1/2 smoothie (greens, frozen berries, ~25g whey or Vega/Orgain protein powder, juice).
  • pancake/banana/almond butter in a cup


  • the left over smoothie
  • yogurt + granola on top
  • hummus w/ rye crisp
  • 2 scrambled eggs w/ grated parmesan cheese (not doing good getting carbs here)
  • powdered recovery mix or chocolate milk if far from home.
  • If afternoon workout, may just eat dinner.

This has prompted me to check my greens mix (“Spring Mix”) which I bought yesterday. It has Romaine Lettuce. I just threw it out.


sometimes I crave salty things post ride, sometimes sweet. But today before I have some (homemade) mac and cheese for lunch I had:

Im trying to branch out with my food, though im limited by what the grocery store has (or amazon delivers)


We discussed this topic on the latest Coaches Corner podcast:


I have a new favorite pre-workout snack: mushed banana mixed with home-made granola. I use the banana instead of milk to “bind” the granola and to sweeten it.

Don’t be put off by the “home-made” part! All I do is mix my own ingredients (1-2 min) and put the granola in the oven (~20 min). I make my own because I am not able to find any granola in stores without some oil I don’t want (canola, etc). Plus, granolas are typically loaded with sugar.

Here are the ingredients I use: gluten-free oats, raw cut almonds, shredded coconut, coconut oil, cinnamon and a hint of honey. Mix it all up and put it in the oven.

For a post-workout option I add Vega or whey protein to the bowl of mushed banana with the granola.

For an easier version, just substitute raw oats for the granola - here is a video of how to prepare it in just a few minutes:


Theia is cooking!!! :heart::stuck_out_tongue:


I would not call that “cooking”. Although I just ordered an Instant Pot. Oooooooooooooooo!!!


now you can tweak your recipe, try buckwheat grains or millet flakes, with or instead of the oats, and different nuts or seeds and dried fruits… endless variations. i wonder would banana slices work? they taste amazing slow cooked


Suggestions for someone who works 50-60 hours/week, travels around the country frequently while entertaining in the evenings, is terribly impatient, hungry all the time and has late night cravings? :slight_smile: :frowning:


Sounds like me back in my corporate days (minus the late night cravings, which I was able to eliminate when I eliminated alcohol). Do you workout at all while traveling? And when you are not traveling, do you workout in the morning or evenings?


I dont want to sound unhelpful, where i would start with this is looking at what you are currently doing, your training, your goals and health, your work committments, the actual food that is eaten and where and when. and work on this. exploring the patterns that arent helpful and the choices that you make that are good and solid. work on the strengths and weaknesses in the context of what is practical and manageable. blanket statements here arent going to be helpful you need someone to go through it better and support this. especially if there is a component of stress, and appetite driven by this, the day and emotions. thats what i would recommend; if you did want to invest in yourself .