Group ride tips for all levels, cutting calories - Coaches Corner 60


In this episode:

  • All about Group rides, including:
    • Zwift group rides tricks and tips
    • Outdoor rides considerations for new and experienced riders
    • Skills and positioning
    • Why group rides are not training and how to make the best of it
  • Cutting calories and high intensity workout can have negative effects
  • How to balance calorie intake during training
  • Can eating many eggs be bad for athletes?
    and more!


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Anyone else had a problem listening to the podcast? I could only hear Coach Jason’s audio, everything else was silence - tried via Apple podcast then switched to YouTube and whilst I could see others were talking couldn’t hear them… such a shame as I really wanted to hear the discussion on group rides


I had to stop and restart and skip a few minutes then it re-engaged


Sorry about the audio issues- we will check on that- thanks for informing us!


Tried a few times and aside from maybe the first 6 mins I was able to listen to the podcast; really interesting and had given me some things to think about re outdoor group riding.
For the group ride where I stepped up a group and had to bail early, I got an email a few days later from the ride leader apologising for the pace… a little too much testosterone in the group apparently. I will try the step up again as I found riding with thrbslower group far too frustrating. There are a number of tips I’ve picked up from the podcast which I can put in place once the weather clears and we can get back outside


Thanks for your comment Michelle! I’ll be able to look at your power file too for the group ride next time you do it.