Great article by Phil Maffetone - Fixing low back pain


Have you ever dealt with lower back pain on or off the bike? Dr. Maffetone presents a very holistic understanding on the cause? What have been your go-to long-term and quick remedies for your lower back pain?

Three common causes of low back pain include:

  • A larger waist, from excess body fat, triggering weak abdominal and tight back muscles, and pain.
  • Chronic inflammation, due to the combined excess body fat and poor diet, triggering pain in spinal joints.
  • Muscle imbalance, which puts physical stress on spinal joints producing inflammation and pain.

…A more effective and faster remedy would be to:

  • Address muscle imbalance through hands-on care.
  • Address inflammation by eliminating dietary sugar and other refined carbohydrates , and unhealthy fats.
  • Make other necessary lifestyle changes (associated with sitting, bad shoes, excess stress, and sleep).

Suggestions for dealing with back pain:

  • Avoid using heat on inflamed areas; use cold, but avoid ice directly on the skin.
  • Rule out serious conditions (usually by your primary care or other practitioner).
  • Avoid grabbing for more extreme treatments first unless it is clearly warranted. For example, rather than surgery first, seek conservative care.
  • Ask friends or relatives about their success with certain practitioners, especially those who are holistic, healthy and fit.
  • The more successful therapist spends a good amount of time evaluating before treating.
  • If your back pain is not better after a few hands-on treatments, that approach may not be best/working for you — avoid the notion that it took many months to develop your problem and could take the same time to correct it.


I started suffering from low back pain in my mid 20s, and the pain was made much worse after 2 pregnancies. I saw two spine specialists in two occasions, did MRIs both times, and they both revealed degenerated discs in the lumbar spine. Fortunately the discs were not pinching any nerves.

For many years I did yoga and took anti-inflammatories not knowing that NSAIDs are bad for you (maybe that was the cause of my kidney stone?). Anyway, I thought I knew how to keep in check because I did a lot of yoga.

As it turns out, for me the ONLY thing that keeps me pain-free is my 15 min of daily core workouts. It’s one of the things I do every day no matter where I am, along with taking a shower, brushing my teeth and flossing :slight_smile:


For reference and for your use daily!



I also have lower back pain and at age 55 find training core a few times a week (not always daily) has made it so much better as well.

I also have a slowly building chronic hip problem. Its been ever so slowly coming on for a couple decades and lately has been noticeable. Admittedly it comes and goes and sometimes goes away for months.

Recently we had a podcast about CBD and its possible effect on recovery and inflammation. Also recently my wife has been involved in a marketing company (direct sales) that has several health and wellness products.

Their claim to fame is their products are highly absorbable using enzyme and liposome technologies that are patented and uniquely applied to these health products (I have a few patents, the key is often taking two things that have been done before and combining them in a unique manner). This company seems to be doing just that.

So I support my wife and have been enjoying some great products including highly absorbable vitamins, a sleep aid that is amazing and first and foremost an anti-inflammatory product that really seems to work. The products are high end, not cheap, so I use the sleep aid only when I need and same with the anti-inflammatory product. I’ll use it three days in a row when I have a noticeable problem like my hands are in major pain from riding, or my hip hurts or my lower back is a bit sore (its been mostly better for @Coach_Theia 's workouts are the real cure.

Entrance the company introduced CBD oil for oral consumption and a topical cream. The claim is the oral product uses the Liposome tech that makes it near 100% bio-available.

OK, I played with CBD products a bit lately but when tried this stuff, I for the first time can say it has significantly reduced my hip pain. I have tried the same protocol which is take the oral CBD dose, then take the anti inflammatory product (non CBD), then apply the CBD topical cream once a day for three days in a row. This three product combo has made a significant reduction in my hip pain.

I’m not trying to sell you all on these products. I am saying with very little long term data, it is quite possible that these CBD products combined with the highly absorbable technology are winners and are helping me when I have a flair up. Being an engineer / scientist, I need more data to really say this stuff works.

I’m quite positive, however, that just the anti-inflammatory product (non CBD) helped me several times this winter with hand pain / arthritis and being a piano player I know what bad hands and good hands feel like. In October just after recovering form mono I felt like a cripple for weeks and this one product totally pulled me back to normal.

So again, I’m not selling, I am however saying that CBD products quite possibly can help some of our chronic problems. Since I have access to these products, I’ll continue to try them as necessary and let you all know what I think. I’ll only use them when I have a notable flair up be it hands, hip or less of a problem for me, lower back.

Long story but thanks for reading. Its life experience and that is data.

We like data!



Interesting… we discussed CBD oil in one of our podcasts, but I believe none of us coaches have tried it.


I’ll keep you all posted. I only plan to use it in these three day spirts when something flairs up. Obviously my wife is on a mission to market the products too so I’ll have a lot of exposure to testimonials for what they are worth. But again being a scientist/nerd and all, I’ll check it out open minded.