Getting your Diet back - Coaches Corner 67


Recording Date: 04/22/2019

Getting your Diet back - Coaches Corner 67

In this episode, our topics include:

Getting your diet back on track (2:00)

  1. Identify where your off track: Content, Timing, Location, preparation
  2. What has changed: Less processed, how much is on your plate, meal skipping, pre/post workout nutrition
  3. What are your goals: be mindful of an all or nothing approach, build or recover
  4. Manage your stress levels
  5. Create a plan: what can you do to make thing easier

Article of the week: (22:30)

  • Will wearable hydration technology change the way that we train and race?
  • Marathoners cross the finish line mildly dehydrated 80 percent of the time
  • Nix, a Boston-based company out of the Harvard Innovation Launch Lab, is a single-use biosensor patch with a digital interface that adheres to the skin and is worn on your hand or arm.
    • It monitors your sweat rate and hydration status, providing actionable information in real-time.

Never give up - Amstel Gold Race. The race is not over until it is over. (32:00)

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