Getting to some strength training for endurance athletes



Yeah, twice a week is sufficient. I would separate dead lift and clean days, though. Personally, I do strength three times per week, but only one of dead lift, squat, or clean/high-pull are part of any given day.


I’m presently going on Tuesday through Friday for about an hour at lunch. I don’t know how great a strategy it is, but I’m doing leg oriented stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the days I have harder bike workouts. My thinking is that the rest or easy days shouldn’t include heavy lifting. Does that make sense?
I’m likely going to change things up for the rest of the calendar year and do a bit of zwift racing and social riding, but I’ll try to keep the strength training going in one form or another. Otherwise, I have to talk to my colleagues at lunc.


@Coach_Ian you may find this interesting. Came across it again on my PC. i studied with Charles poliquin several times. he was controversial and highly respected.

#46 @Coach_Theia

#50 LOL


I’ve definitely eaten bugs by accident. Seriously though, 50 tips is a lot of tips, and some of them seem to me to be contraindicated.


Ha! Love it @cullenac and @MarcnotMatt true about bugs (and mud, rain, snow and water off the pavement from the wheel of the rider in front of you)!

I agree that if you are doing heavy lifting for the legs you should do it on the same day you have a bike workout, preferably a few hours later and have a rest day on the next day.


To give this context he is talking about lifters and aesthetics… we do a lot of endurance making this type of training tricky.


#32 - No. Not going to happen

#47 and #48 are good across all training.

@MarcnotMatt yeah some of this doesn’t apply to endurance animals like us.


@Coach_Ian, managed 2 reps @ 220 on the bench.


Nobody else in my life cares, sooo…


We all care @MarcnotMatt Well Done!!


Ha! Thanks @Michelle. I’m just goofing around a bit about our interests. At home and work, I know the second I open my mouth about FTP, Zwift, or Dura-ace vs. Sram Red, I’m going to lose about 95% of the people I encounter. I live in a small town, so the people who are into bikes, running, etc are few and far between. I know that Ian cares, or he’s just really good at pretending: either way is fine with me. :slight_smile:


Damn! Beast mode. That’s why you are the man-bear. I was able to do 5 reps of 205 on squat yesterday. Not bad for 140 lbs.


Getting close to 150% of body weight! You’re going to need those harem pants for real.


And the fanny pack.


Yep. That’s de rigeur.


Beginning to think that I need upper back strength for the deadlifts. I’m getting the bar up, but it doesn’t feel as solid as I think it should. I did one rep at 275 with the trap bar today—tried for a second and I just rounded forward, so I stopped. Not bad for me. Stopping before I hurt myself, I mean.


That is part of it. That is why we have the pull-ups and weighted pull-ups in the program. Another way to help build that strength is to go lighter, say down to 225, and make the negative very slow through the first 1/3.


There must be more of this program that I’m missing. I’ve been doing pull ups, but not weighted.

Yes, I got carried away with the weight. I’m going to reduce that and go for repeatable sets of 8. Probably lower than 225 even.

My quads feel like slabs of meat today.


There are some workouts with weighted pull-ups. Other days have max pull-ups.


Is this something distinct from the workouts in the present lab? I didn’t look closely, but I assumed from looking at a few that they were more of the tabata style, body weight type. Is the powerlifting type stuff part of a lab that I didn’t join?