Forum Upgrade - Sunday, June 10th @ 12:00 PM CST


I’m planning on doing a forum upgrade on Sunday, June 10th starting at 12:00PM CST. I will need to take the site offline, backup the server image, and then start the upgrade. If everything goes well, it could be done in one hour. If things go bad, it will take longer.

Upgrades are scary!!! So, let’s all hope I don’t blow everything up.





I’ve been doing some test upgrades on another server. I might do this in phases starting today. Not sure. There are several pieces that need to get upgraded. If the site goes down for a short period it’s because I’m taking snapshots or upgrading certain pieces that take the site offline for a short period.


well… the weather in Chicago sucks, so I upgraded the forum rather than riding. It worked without a hitch, to my utter amazement.


Still can’t believe it! I was packing the car to be out of the house for a few hours in case of implosion… :joy:

Thanks @dfriestedt