Five tips to get the most from your cycling holiday or training camp from Cycling Weekly



Hey Coach,
I’ve been earring that few years but what the meaning of that? I mean, what in particular a “training” camp will bring you more than what we do in the Lab? Volume???
I’ve never done a ‘training camp’. I know that some friends take 1 weeks vacation in march or may to go in USA to do a 5-7 day intenses daily ride, before the snow melt here in Québec… But what it bring more and if i don’t have one planned, what can i do “special” at home to have same benefits ? What’s the best time to do so ?

Lot of question hein?

Thx you


Well, a training camp is like a vacation, but you don’t rest…and you get home much more tired than when you left…and all of your clothes smell horrible…and you didn’t eat at the buffet…and you didn’t stay up late partying. So, it’s pretty fun.

No, seriously, I have done them before, and they are fantastic. The whole week is built around the training and team building (depending on the camp). There is usually a little bit of information/education built into each day, but the focus is really on getting quality training in and recovering. For example, I did a camp where we rode for three hours in the morning after breakfast, usually endurance or tempo with a little climbing. Then after a lunch and maybe a nap, we did a ride where we did some intervals, worked on team tactics, or focused on something very specific. That would take about 60-90 minutes. On some days we would end with a 60-minute super easy recovery spin just before dinner. Then, we would destroy some food, have a drink or two, and socialize. Somewhere in the evening, we would have a recap of the day’s rides and a brief of the next day’s schedule.

Despite the volume, you don’t feel quite as fatigued because the down periods are all focused on rest and recovery. Seriously, it’s eat, train, eat, rest, train, eat rest, train, eat, rest repeat.