Excellent article on inflammation


this is a good article (although not all of his terms are perfect and although foods like white rice can be pro inflammatory i do believe context is important. a white rice dish smothered in vegetables for example or as a home-made energy bar isnt negative); if inflammation is an issue you must always look deeper at the cause and not merely chuck supplements at it (or medication). I see infections as a common trigger to longer term problems.

A balanced anti-inflammatory diet is a must for us all.



Great article, Andrea. Thanks for posting.

To expand on your example of eating white rice, I believe that some people are more sensitive to the inflammatory response to it than others. I had been “off rice” altogether for a while and then started eating it again almost daily (white and brown). I eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods and having worked with me you know that my diet is well balanced. Nevertheless, rice seems to make me bloated and lethargic. I also noticed increased PMS symptoms. I suspected it could be rice and by replacing it with quinoa, lentils, and sweet potatoes, those symptoms disapeared.