Epic Ride Thread


This will be a thread to discuss and share those epic rides you’ve done that should be at the top of all of our lists when we travel.


In May 2017 I traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Bottle Rock music festival. I shipped my bike with goal of riding something epic and fun every day I could.

The first day I drove out to Fairfax, CA in Marin to tackle Mt Tamalpais. I’d heard about that ride from my brother in law and found more detail on a great website call Jay’s Essential Rides (http://bestrides.org/mt-tamalpais/).

The route I chose to do ended up being ~45 miles with 6,000+ ft of elevation. I rode solo and downloaded the route from RideWithGPS to my Elemnt Bolt cycling computer.


The scenery on the ride was breathtaking with views of San Francisco from the summit. The only bad moment on the ride was when I finished the segment along the ocean and realized I had to crest the ridge again to get home. It turned out that that last part was some of the best riding. Narrow road through old growth pines with deer and no traffic.

I’d give this ride a 10/10. if you have the opportunity to travel to the Bay Area definitely put this on your list.


Check out this one. It was HARD. Power numbers are off, not sure why. But I did it solo, mega headwinds… Not sure I would do it again solo. 110 Miles, 7 hours, 8000’ climbing.



Here are a few of mine:

Ride Across Wisconsin (RAW) - 180 miles:

The route isn’t scenic in this part of the world, but the route is excellent. This is one of those rides that you do once and I don’t see the point of doing it again. But it was fun. And I got to meet Jens Voigt (nicest guy) and ride with Ivan Basso for 15 minutes.


Mount Mitchell in North Carolina, US, one of the famous climbs in the country:


Ride on Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, US - 117 miles with 10,600 ft of climbing the day after Mount Mitchell:

Gorgeous views and the roads are the best I have ever seen in my life. A rider’s paradise.


Zion Park in Utah probably my favourite place yet. Pictures speak for themselves. It’s just unreal!!!


I want to go baaaaaaaaaack!!!


Hi All
For my epic rides I rode 2 days in the Pyrenees
Hautacam https://www.strava.com/activities/198267305
Col Du Tourmalet https://www.strava.com/activities/198267321 We then descended drove my wife to the summit of Luz Ardiden ,descended then climbed up to a picnic.
Luz Ardiden https://www.strava.com/activities/198267302
Just to be able to ride TDF mountains was awesome. I did take loads of photos as i struggled up, but they are somewhere on the iCloud
Best 2 days ever for me on a bike:sunglasses:



The Blue Ridge Parkway has been on my list for years. Black Bear Adventure Tours has organized multi day rides with full support. Zion’s looks amazing as well. Cycling House has some rides in Montana as well that look gorgeous.



My current employer started a sabbatical program last year. If I’m still here in 2021 I get an extra month of vacation. You have to take the whole month at one time. I floated the idea of me going to Europe for 2 weeks to ride and then my wife flying over to meet for two weeks. The Pyrenees, Alps and Dolomites would all be on my list!


Hey Mitch
They are so much fun, no hassle with cars or lorries, plus you pass all kinds of cyclists including the ones you double take, then realise that really was a pro practicing. Hope you get the chance, I still have loads of accommodation info.


legit!!! Amazing rides.


One of my most epic rides that I have no data for and only pictures filed away in some box happened back in 1994. I was in the United States Navy at the time and we had deployed to the Mediterranean for 6 months. Our ship was such that we had a lot of room for whatever and the Commanding Officer allowed us to bring bikes if we desired. Back then I had two bikes: a Bianchi Campione d’Italia and a Specialized Rockhopper. I had stowed the Rockhopper on board and rode it throughout our various places we visited.

One of the more interesting places we visited was Haifa, Israel. We actually spent an entire month in port there. One day a bunch of the crew members went to the Sea of Galilee to sight see. Another crew member and I took our bikes with the goal to ride around the entire Sea (approx 55 Miles). No big deal today but I was not in top shape then and riding a mountain bike with old style pedals. I recall the last 5 miles being absolute agony.

Another much shorter but cool ride was when we visited Gibraltar. I rode around the rock and attempted to ride up to the top. I have no idea how far I made it but just researched it online. Looks like average gradient of 15% with 25% sections. All I know if that the Rock won and I went back to the bottom and found a beer.


I took 3 months off uni and me and a mate rode from Vancouver down to Atlanta on full suss mountain bike with a trailers and tents. We camped every night wherever we could. The best part was the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall. Amazing. We hid the trailers in a bush and climbed Mt Mitchell as well. All in the days before we had GPS’s




DK 200. I rode 30,000 miles in the 2 years leading up to this event in order to get this result. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (physically). The previous year I did it and it took 17 hours after breaking basically everything on my bike at mile 6. I rode single speed for 60 miles and barely made the cutoff in 2016. I don’t plan to do this race ever again. It’s hard as hell and requires a ton of preparation and training. And costs a lot. Each race probably cost me $5000+ to do the race and fix things I broke.


2017 footage and discussion here: Dirty Kanza 200 2017 Race Footage


And I thought Andy Jenner was just a saucy brit.

edit what I meant to say was - “WOW”. Mad admiration as I would love to do something like that. If I pull off my two week cycling trip to Europe in 2021 you’ll have to join me. But no camping. We’ll do it right.


Zion is so beautiful; visited before I got bitten by the cycling bug so explored on foot and climbed up to Angrl’s Landing - now I can appreciate how these awesome places would look even better on a bike :grin:


Wow @MitchD what a great adventure! :+1:


@AndyJ dang that sounds like fun!!!