Eggs as a protein source, how much is too much?


I’ve been trying to increase my protein intake percentage recently, to help lean up while not feeling hungry from running a calorie deficit. (A strategy recommended by @datadrivenathlete in this article

However I’ve been warned about how much cholesterol they have, which gives me some concern. However I’ve also read that this shouldn’t be a concern for healthy cyclists:

So I come to the Endurance training nutrition experts for the real low down. Can you help me out?


I just ate a four egg, spinach and mushroom omelette after finishing the ODZentury. I had some juice and whole wheat toast as well. Four large eggs is like 28 grams of protein, which I think is pretty good for a 78kg guy.
I think a lot of that “eggs are the devil” nonsense is over. But there is probably a limit on how many you should eat because of the fats.

More knowledgeable people can correct me.


I will leave it to @cullenac on the specifics, but I can offer some anecdotal evidence. I eat eggs daily. Some days I eat one, other days I eat up to 4. I have been eating them daily for years and according to my doctor my cholesterol levels are “to die for” (or to live for) :rofl:


I hesitated to read this one because I also eat a lot of eggs and I don’t want to hear there should be a limit. :upside_down_face: I eat up to 4 a day like Theia. They are also my go-to protein. And I too have normal cholesterol readings. I got an instant pot for Christmas. You can make a batch of hard boiled eggs in 3 minutes! Go eggs!!


Definitely interested to see what @cullenac has to say on the topic. Based on the advice that @datadrivenathlete gives of 1.4-2.4 g grams of protein per day per kg of body weight, I’m targeting 115-195 grams of protein per day, which is quite a bit, for sure, but I’m also a big guy (81.6 kg). So I’ve been eating 7 hard boiled eggs a day (which is still less than 50% of the grams I’m looking for), spread throughout the day, and my wife wants to make sure I’m not digging my own grave. (I can get them at work pre-made at a really good subsidized price, so no I’m not hard boiling that many eggs myself, lol). I think I could just stop eating the yolks, or at least reduce the total number of yolks I eat, but yeah, you get the idea.


How do you feel about cottage cheese?


I like it. I assume your question means it’s also a great source of protein? I’ll have to look into it.


Protein dense. 11 grams protein for a 100 calorie serving. I eat it with mixed berries.

I used to hate the stuff, and then someone handed me a free sample after a tough half marathon that I was really happy with. I have been hooked ever since. That’s good marketing.


@justin this is the best lay resource I’ve read on eggs.


I liked the Examine article. I didn’t realize there is a possible connection between diabetes and consumption of eggs (although observational evidence).

I will eat 2 eggs after working out about 3-4X/week and my cholesterol panel has been fine. I buy eggs with Pasture-Raised marked on the egg carton. I don’t eat much meat at home. Given not getting enough protein and eating eggs, I have opted to eat eggs and use protein powder. Cottage Cheese sounds interesting, and may give this a try as also would be a quick protein.


@justin oops…this is the one I was thinking of for you


From the second examine article:

  • In healthy people, even 6 eggs/day (the highest intake studied) doesn’t seem to adversely affect blood lipids. Some studies note no change in HDL or LDL; some note a benign increase in both; few note adverse changes in lipoprotein status.

[sarcasm] So at 7 eggs a day I’m clearly going to die from it. Dang. [/sarcasm]


although short on time i hope that i covered this sufficiently today on coaches corner. I believe that we are all individual. and doing blood work once a year is no harm to check our health. but i would never blame natural cholesterol intake from eggs and prawns for example for a slightly elevelated cholesterol. nor worry. there is always a wide view to be taken on these things and context applied. and it is oxidised cholesterol that is the issue. cholesterol is a very much needed substance in the right form and correct place.

now if someone has elevated cholesterol and several diet and lifestyle factors going on then we would explore changes to all, improving antioxidant intake, methylation support, addressing nutritient deficiencies like omega 3, vit K and magnesium etc. etc.

generally i see support to the liver and gut and sugar intake make a vast improvement to cholesterol say above the 5.5 mark (EU;not sure what this is in USA)

as for population studies, they will always have some error. it is nigh on impossible to say it was the egg or it wasnt the egg when it could be so many things we cannot control. so always think smartly and for yourself… do you think you are eating too many eggs, can balance be better, can more veg be eaten, some meat free days, less sugar less stress etc etc.

simple things, small positive changes, done consistently…and individual common sense thinking :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response @cullenac! I think I found a good solution today. It turns out that right next to where I get these hard boiled eggs, they also sell cottage cheese, at the same subsidized rate! So I’ve simply cut the egg consumption in half, and added in cottage cheese to get the extra protein I’m looking for. A much better, and more balanced approach to the protein source. (at least within the confines of the work cafeteria that I eat in so often!)

Thanks all!


Here is my egg-cellant solution to eating eggs!

6 eggs about 6 min perfectly cooked and most importantly easy to peel!