Eating your electrolytes


handy chart at the bottom here although it doesnt have precision hydration listed which is a concentrated formula


I use a mix of Nuun bottles and Skratch bottles which has worked out well for me. I also take a Magnesium supplement. I have experimented with plain water and 1/4 t salt in bottles. I am ok for ~1 hour rides. After that my feet can cramp. After listening to the chat and chill, I may try increasing salt in my food. I can crave salty potato chips on long rides. Tina


I have to use electrolyte drinks for my longer rides. I keep one bottle water and one bottle skratch or gu roctane drink. The grape gu has a very mild flavor. I bring extra skratch or gu when I do endurance racing. I get migraines when I get dehydrated and when my electrolytes get a bit off. I also drink a bottle of skratch after I finish rides longer than 40 miles.


Please contact we would love to have a conversation on how this could benefit or atheletes.


Hi, thank you for the note. I have sent an email to address that you provided. Best, Phil