Early morning or late night workout tips


Are you an early riser or evening rider? Let’s hear your top 3 tips on getting it done! From bike prep to nutrition let’s share which you are and what helps make sure the workout happens.


I prefer to get up early and do my workout- this doesn’t happen during the work week due to my hours, but weekends are early for me. During the week, I do my workout immediately after I get home - I have all my gear ready and waiting. My husband gets home about the time I’m finishing up, then it’s his turn! Tips: get into a routine that works and is not too inconvenient, have gear sitting out ready to go, I like to listen to music during my workout for motivation …


During the week, I do my workouts in the evening after I get home from work. As a pharmacist, I am on my feet for 9 hours with the end of the shift being busier. I can’t afford to be fading at work. During the week, a few of us use Discord to chit chat and I always have music in the background.
I keep water bottles in the fridge and have all my stuff ready so I can just jump on Zwift after dinner.


I workout at 5:30-6:00 AM. Here is what works for me:

  1. Go to bed every day at the same time, regardless of the day of the week! Yes, my husband and I are very boring people and avoid evening social events at all costs :scream: Everyone in the house is asleep by 9:00 PM every day. I partied enough in my “youth”!

  2. No alcohol. See how boring? We don’t drink at all. That greatly increases the quality of sleep and how I will feel on the next day.

  3. Leave my cycling clothes/accessories/bottles/snacks ready and tape workout to the bike (if going outside) the night before.

  4. Have the same breakfast every morning I will train, so I make sure I have what I need in the house.


While I would prefer to workout early, I can only do that on the weekend because during the week I have to be to work by 7:30. I workout in the evenings after dinner, around 7. It’s only me and my husband in the house and it has just become part of the evening routine. We usually turn on Netflix and the husband does some strength work while I Zwift.


I am the same. I get everything ready the night before. Then, I only need my coffee, a few calories, and a pre-ride pit stop. Within 30-60 minutes, I’m rolling on my workout.


I used to have to leave for work at 0430 and my body was used to getting up at all hours. My main motivation then was actually meeting my friend for early workouts.
Now I cant get them in until its either “nap time” or everyone else is out of the house. One of the main things that helps me is to have everything prepped and ready ahead of time. Clothes and snacks are always being washed, and organized so when I get the chance all I have to do is grab and go.


I am definitely a evening rider. It works best if I ride as soon as I get home. There are some evenings that I don’t get home until later but I can work out and go right to bed. If i choose to sit down and relax for a while that can definitely put my ride in jeopardy. As far as nutrition I like to have 1 piece of sprouted grain bread with peanut butter before my evening rides. While on the bike I have one bottle with Cytomax in it for carbs and electrolytes.


@Stefanie And having a workout partner like @Petals on discord helps. I know chit chatting, laughing, swearing, panting and dying over discord definitely helps with the evening workouts!

Anyone else, feel free to join us. Why suffer by yourself? We are not always doing the same workout which makes it fun. During the week we get on 8PM eastern time and 7PM Minnesota time.


Definitely helps to have a workout partner to suffer with @Petals! :smiley:


@Petals @Stefanie Since I work out in the evenings I may join you two sometime.


Maybe some night when insomnia strikes :grinning:


I have to do my workouts in the morning, because if I workout in the evenings I have difficulty sleeping. I usually start somewhere between 4:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. so I make sure I have everything ready to go so that I can just sleepwalk (almost literally) through the pre-ride process :slight_smile:

I also agree with Theia about the importance of sticking to the same schedule on the weekends as weekdays. Being consistent with the routine makes it so much easier to wake up feeling ready to go.

My favorite things about morning workouts:

  • Being able to do them as a fasted ride if they are shorter and not extremely intense.
  • Breakfast is my favorite, so I get to enjoy some waffles as a post-workout meal.
  • Knocking out a good workout or completing a fun race makes for a great kick start to the day!


I’m definitely an after work cyclist. I find that getting up to workout in the morning is far more time consuming than after work. If I get up at 6am, I’m not exercising before 6:30, and sometimes 7:00 because I’m not awake, need something to eat, body isn’t in gear to go etc. Then after the workout I need half an hour to put things away, stretch, eat etc before I start getting ready for work. Even a 30 minute workout extends my morning by about 90 minutes. But if I work out after work my body is already fed and warm and I can get changed, hop on, and then I’m ready to wind down and make dinner anyway. In terms of time management, it’s much more efficient for me.