Do you pee on or off the bike?


I’m not as skilled as the stories I hear or the amazing feats that triathletes manage but I just make the time to stop. But it is a fine balance and something that one needs to train to not take on the right balance of hydration and electrolytes so that you put in enough to hydrate but not too much to over well the system and cue it to need to release water. So practice on your 90+ min rides on the trainer and on your group rides that have regroups to dial it in.


I’ve practiced doing this while riding. It’s really hard. But I feel like for the 3hr races it’s important to learn how. No one stops in a 3hr race so if you need to “go” and want to stay with your group you need to do it on a down hill.

At Kanza I saw the pros doing this. It was second nature to them. They basically started from the front of the group and slowly fell back while going. They did their business and stayed with the group. Pretty cool.


I just cannot get my head around this! garron can pee everywhere, swimming, biking running; he probably would at work if he could!.. clearly all he sees is time and how crucial it is. Me, i cannot think hard enough to pee haha! its the exact opposite in my mind to what i should be doing, trying NOT to pee!! racing triathlon you cannot be wasting time peeing and i have to put all my focus into having a pee before the swim start; terrible we do pee in our very expensive wetsuits… and i think to myself EVERYONE knows i am peeing. next time you watch a triathlon start look down at peoples feet and you will suddenly have an ah ha moment that most dont have wet feet and yet are standing in a patch hahahaha. dreadful. i am sure that as kids everyone was told DONT pee in your wetsuit!


It’s possible to not even need to pee on a 3-3.5h race. That’s what I did on Rough Road. I was very diligent about how much I drank and peed up until the start line. Then all the salt in my water held me up until the end of the race. 3.5h and no bathroom breaks.


Wow, way to go @Coach_Theia!! I struggle with bathroom breaks as I seem to have a constant thirst so struggle not to keep drinking to that thirst… I even had to take a bathroom break last weekend an hour into my workout


I drink one bottle/hr, so about 500ml/hr. But there is enough salt in there that I don’t need to go! Also, I wake up about 4hs before the event start time, so I have enough time to pre-hydrate and go to the bathroom a lot. Then 1-2hs before the event I have one bottle with Skratch.

I am not saying you should do the same-- I am just explaining how I am able to make it through 3.5hs.


You realize that @Coach_Flo created this topic just to expose my filthy habits, right? Do I pee on the bike? Do I pee on the bike? Do you want he truth about peeing on the bike? Well, you can’t handle the truth. After 30 minutes of hard swimming and 2 hours of hammering away on the bike, maintaining a hydration strategy to stay fresh for the run, the body has to process the fluid. Am I supposed to just give back three or four minutes of time to stop and pee? Maybe the question you should ask yourself is, “Am I willing to sacrifice all that is dear to me simply for a little hygiene?” So, yeah, I pee on the bike, but you want me to pee on the bike. No, you NEED me to pee on the bike to keep the world as you know it intact. Maybe, the next time you think about me peeing on the bike, you won’t be disgusted. You wil, simply say, “Thank you. Thank you for keeping the world safe from those who would rather lose than get a little dirty.”

Oh, I also pee in my wetsuit, @cullenac. It keeps me warm. To be fair, I don’t need the wetsuit for peeing. I pretty much pee in the water before any race. I also have peed while running. It’s a bit of a challenge, but it feels so good when you have no other options.


Remind me never to draft behind @Coach_Ian on a long ride :rofl:


@Michelle- I just learned of about 4 people not to ride behind. Its like those other words of wisdom- don’t pee on a flat rock when hiking.
@Coach_Ian. Since people surf in Rhode Island all year around. Peeing in a wet suit is mandatory. If you want to know what a real brain freeze feels like- Fall off a surfboard into 40 degree water.

I am leading a 3+ hour group workout on zwift tomorrow. So I don’t think I’ll practice peeing off the bike in my pain cave.