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Hey. I’m new to zwift. I’m checking out some of the info about rides you
folks put on by reading the info on teamodz.com. The discord link at the
bottom of the ride pages doesn’t work for me. It just goes to a blank page.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go here…
  2. Scroll down and click the Discord link at the bottom
  3. It leads here…
    … nada.

-Rob Anderson


The link to discord is:

that will redirect you to this link:

From there you can accept the invite and join in on the fun at Discord. Feel free to poke around this forum and ask questions.

@justin @Bob I see the issue he is referring to on the teamodz page. You should update that link to discord.teamodz.com . Thanks for pointing out the problem!


Much thanks! I’m in. -Rob A


Good catch. There is actually another fine detail here. https://www.teamodz.com/discord was setup as a landing page with instructions and links, one of those links being discord.teamodz.com (which is a forward to the discord signup link), however that page appears to have been corrupted in Wordpress, and @Bob was unable to fix, but he could make https://www.teamodz.com/discord1 from a backup of the page.

@Bob did you ever figure out why the new page couldn’t be put at the original URL? I presume you tried deleting the original page, then changing the URL of the new page and that didn’t work, correct?


I do a bit of wordpress myself. You should be able to “move” the old
corrupt page by changing the permalink, just under the title in the Edit
Page UI. Then update the permalink of the new good page in the same way. As
always, clear cache.
-Rob A


Thanks! I took a peek and I think it’s something more grevious than that, it almost looks like the old URL has been hijacked somehow… oh boy… (if you load it with http rather than https you’ll see a funky page that we didn’t author). :frowning:


Good god! That’s evil. The only thing I can’t think of that might present a
difference between http and https is that possibly the virtual host configs
between the two are vastly different, or more different than they should.
It might be easier to take a backup, go nuclear, and restore to new host…
if you’re using aws or something.


Yeah, the site is currently hosted on BlueHost, and we suspect that some part of the common infrastructure from BlueHost that controls routing before WordPress takes over has been modified to redirect that specific URL. BlueHost actually just moved us to a new server recently, and they destroyed our SSL certs for several days…so yeah…moving host again might cause bigger issues :frowning:

Our next plan is to engage BlueHost support and see if they can address it. Thanks for the tips!


I’ve had this issue before. You need to go into the DB and delete the slug /discord (which is the old page that no longer exists). That is what’s preventing you from creating the page new page /discord.

I believe there is a slug or URL table.