Diet weakness TIME FOR THE TRUTH


We are getting better and better about making ahead and making bigger batches and freezing but fails happen now and then. My husband for some reason is worried about leaving the crock pot going all day while we are at work, like it might burn down the house or something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ve suggested that we run it overnight then, refrigerate and reheat for dinner. I’m slowly getting him there (he’s the cook in the house). It’s been on all day today with Cuban black bean soup in it. That will make a few meals for sure!

I know what you mean about the grocery bill @becca.schuler! We just went grocery shopping last night and we nearly fainted. But as you say, it makes a lot of meals!


My weakness is the second glass of wine! The first is fine, the second is the extra calories I don’t need and the negative effect on sleep.


I finally got all the stuff and made one of the smoothies this morning. It was actually pretty good! I am glad I only did 1/2 of the recipe since I ended up with about 32 ounces which was (as you said) more than enough.


Yep - half recipe usually is enough for me to have a solid portion and enough to share with my wife and one of my daughters.


Eating cookies right now. To be fair, they are a belated Christmas gift from my sister and her kids. It’d be rude to not eat them.


I was in a 3 hour meeting this afternoon. I get stressed out when I am on the agenda to present. Lots of chocolate truffles, shortbread cookies, and other type of cookies were provided. By the time the meeting was over, I had eaten 10 of them!


Good for you @goldendogy! Definitely the most socially responsible approach. Can you imagine what might have happened if you left all those high-sugar treats to people who don’t exercise as much? You’re saving lives here!


Ha! That’s funny @Peter!!


You guys crack me up!


I had more cookies tonight. I will now go to the mirror and tell myself how disappointed in me I am.


our emotions and food are such a complex relationship that we were taught early on. it is funny too. i get starving after doing energy healing work with clients… like STARVING… dont know what i have done but its something!!

I try to have a rule with myself that after stressful days i give myself a little time before I eat so at least i know my appetite from my emotions, but hey… sometimes it is good to just eat the damn cookies :heart_eyes:


Wow @Coach_Theia you and I are very similar in our diet choices! I too have a big weakness for chocolate, nothing else particularly sweet, but chocolate I can eat for life. I’m crazy about Asian food, particularly Thai and Japanese and good quality Chinese. And I don’t like much fruit!


I am not much of a fruit and vegetable guy, myself, so I get a good bit of it via my shake. It’s not enough, but it’s a good start and better than noting. And, like @cullenac said, sometimes you just need to eat cookies.


did i say that? it made an impression!!!


So it was Garrons birthday this weekend. he is in the final prep for IM texas so in between the clean eating (we have had some very consistent months with clean nutrient dense foods. good balance of quality protein, carbs, fats and rakes of veg… its not a sacrifice when you prepare tasty meals) it seemed a very rich home-made chocolate cake would be ok. I love home baking; and garron loves food (, nearly more than our beagle).

So, whats the point here. i do think that its ok to deviate now and again when you have a strong nutrition base to do so, because your body is getting what it needs. so you have leeway. Its a different matter when you dont have good nutrition, your body is already in a deficit for all the building and engineering blocks that it needs to run healthily. So, with a good diet day to day you have covered the bases for what the body needs. Home-baked foods like this cake, although calorie dense are baked from real foods like sugar, butter, flour, buttermilk, cocoa, chocolate, coffee and so on are not full of processed additives or synthetic restructured ingredients like trans fats, corn syrup and so on that it in processed ready made stuff… when its real food the body knows how to deal with it even if it is more sugary, or fatty or whatever.

i couldnt eat the cake, :frowning: it is gluten containing. i sort of knew this when i decided on the recipe and am ok with this (i am not a big sweet fan) and i definitely enjoyed some awesome food this weekend with some red wine to refuel from a big weekend of training.


I biked for ice cream last Saturday. Calories on that ride way out numbered what I burnt. It was a hot day. The socially responsible thing to do. Tina


Thank you for taking one for the team. I love ice cream. We have many dairy farms in the area. I was on zwift the other night and one of my riding buddies showed up with some of the best ice cream!
We are working on a 122 mile ice cream tour in Connecticut for next month.


That’s going to be an awesome tour!


i dont think nutritionally good quality icecream is the worst that we can do!


Man, that is my kind of tour! The TeamODZ Ice Cream Fondo presented by the Endurance Lab. I see it in the future.