Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


Way to go folks. Sounds like you’re in control !!



  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Mar 15

  • Weight: 74.1 kg (-0.1)
  • BF 15.6% (+0.9)

Overall a pretty good week - I was fueling a bit heavier than usual weds and thursday as I was getting ready to simulate my IM 70.3 event on Friday. I did the full bike course on my trainer and then got off and ran for an hour. It was pretty hard but overall pleased with the results and good practice! I ate a bunch of protein afterwards and this morning my legs and body are feeling pretty good so I should be able to get a zone 2 ride in later this evening once the kiddos go to bed.



  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Mar 22

  • Weight: 73.9 kg (-0.2)
  • BF 15.5% (-0.1)

A pretty good week of training and eating. I’m adding more strength work into my routines and I’m really enjoying it.


Great job, Mike!

I’m getting back at it after some work travels. Eating was ok while traveling, but sitting all day and in a bus didn’t help. After a reversal, I’m back down to 62.5kgs and 9.8% BF. I’m going to keep working on the trend. My next race has 2400 ft of vertical gain over 15 miles of running and 5600 feet of gain over 56 miles of biking. Ought to be fun.


Sounds like a hell of a race - where is it?


Near New Paltz, NY, up in the hills.


Cool, good luck!


I fell off the wagon hard. Need to get back some accountability after a period of travel, bad eating, illness etc


I am not doing as well as planned for this week of travel, either. I had ice cream yesterday afternoon. It was sooooo good, though. I countered it with an 8-mile run that evening, so it sort of balanced.


I ended up spraining my lower back last Friday morning during a strength workout w/ weighted back squats. I got distracted and turned my head to look at my kids and combined with fatigue I ended up losing form and paid the price. The first 10 hours it didn’t hurt too bad, though while at work it was starting to hurt more and more but it’s when I got home that I couldn’t really stand up anymore. By Saturday morning I couldn’t walk on my own, luckily we had an old pair of crutches I could use to help get me out of bed and onto the floor to do some rehab stretches.

I followed a pretty consistent stretch and lower back exercise routine every hour or so through Tuesday, and slowly I was regaining mobility and strength. Starting Tuesday afternoon I began combining in some strength work with the stretches. As of yesterday, the pain is almost completely gone and I’ve resumed some very low power zone 1 and 2 biking on Zwift to get some cardio in, and I’ve transitioned from stretches to strengthening exercises for my lower back.

At this point I’m confident I’ll still be able to compete in my 70.3 event on May 5th, and I’ve learned that I really need to work on strengthening my posterior chain.

With that said - my diet the past week has been pretty good so I didn’t put on as much weight as I thought I might.


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Mar 22

  • Weight: 74.4 kg (+0.5)
  • BF 16.1% (+0.5)

For anyone interested in the stretch/exercise routine I used to recover, I followed this guy’s routine:


I’m back down to 63.5kg and 8.5% BF. While I am not sub-17 for 5K yet, I did run a 10-miler this morning in 62:40. That included keeping the watch running while waiting to cross streets. I’m getting there.


Alright @AndyJ, @MikeP, @NewScot Lets get this thread back up and rolling! Where is everyone at and what are your short term goal here and how is it going?


I’ve been putting off a weigh in because I don’t want to see the result. I’ll go stand on the scales tomorrow morning and refocus.


I’ve been having a pretty good come back from the back injury. Weight is down to 73.3kg (15.2% BF) this morning and training is going well. I’m completely pain free at this point and I’ve been adding some light weights to back strength work w/o any issues. I’ll continue with light weights probably until June and then I’ll revisit slowly increasing the load. My original long term goal on here was 68kg but I’m starting to think that might be too low for me - I think 70kg is probably a more reasonable target.

My short term goal is getting ready for my IM 70.3 event on May 5th. I’m feeling confident at this point thanks to all the workouts @Coach_Ian has provided me over the past year. I’ll be doing some more brick workouts to get ready over the next few weeks and trying to dial in my nutrition strategy and practicing transitions.



  • Waist to 29inches
  • BF% to 13%
  • Weight 60.5kg

Measurements on Friday 12th April

  • waist 31.7
  • BF% –
  • Weight 65.8kg

Ok, not going to get under control if I don’t measure. Travel, illness have taken their toll and my own self sabotage of not getting it back under control and letting it slide.

So thanks @Coach_Flo for the prompt to start again.

My goal is to try and get enough race points this year to get upgraded out of the bottom racing category in the UK. Racing starts next week and my weight is up and my power down. So that is a good start!


@Coach_Flo the nature of this one is it’s public, yet only four people …
Happy to take this off to a supportive group somewhere and post results up here from time to time. Then can have those chats in a live forum like messenger or something similar.
Depends on what the other guys think ? Might generate more chat/ activity (if anyone else interested in that of course?)


I like that idea. Lets get this next Lab kicked off and we can collect names of those riders who what in for the Spring Lab.


Just so we can have a starting point I jumped on the scale this morning and dialed in at:

Waist to ???
BF to
Weight to 160lbs

Waist - ill have to measure
BF to 15.8 %
Weight to 166.8 lbs / 75.7 kg

166.8 lbs and 15.8BF


Wow! 15.8%? Time to get to work!


Try 24%

Anyway I’ll do the stats thing once we have a place to do this as an active group.

@Coach_Flo - yep makes sense. See what you want to do and then we can get a gang together