Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


Keep at it, you’re still on track to hit your goals ahead of your 4/1 target.



  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Saturday 16th Feb

  • waist 30.5 (-1)
  • BF% 15.0 (+1)
  • Weight 62.1kg (+3)

Some rapid weight loss at the end of the week as good diet and a long week of cycling kicked in, 18hrs in the last 7 days. Half term meant I was free to do a lot of early morning fasted rides. Happy to be back on/ahead of track after my wobble.

Im still cutting out the majority of processed carbs and sugars, with most of my carb intake from vegetables, dairy and fruit. Also avoiding alcohol at home and only having a drink when out at events. I still want to enjoy my life.

Been ramping volume on the bike in prep for going to Team Camp in Arizona. Last year I did 1200tss that week and still managed to put on weight! Next week will be a taper so will have to be especially careful with the food intake as calorie burn will be way down.

Hope everyone else is still doing well in progress to goals.


It is also clear I need to update my goals as I have already hit 2 out of the 3. I have a spreadsheet which has a weekly decrease programmed in. If I can keep up steady progress then the new Goals for my birthday are:


  • Waist to 29inches
  • BF% to 13%
  • Weight 60.5kg

I think these will be a real stretch as I expect progress to slow, but might as well be ambitious. I have seen no decrease in power with the weight loss so far.


Love this. In the groove man. Habit officially formed.




well, it could be time to start again I guess …. steady increase since 2008 needs some work …
alcohol as usual is gone.
calories … different story
might try weighing in in a fortnight …


Martin, I have found the diet change to be much more impactful than the exercise. I am not yet even really limiting the portion size. Just swapped roasted veg and salad for pasta and rice etc. Snacks are always fruit etc. I expect you have less BF to lose than me anyway.


Yeah - something I have stuck with since I did some running a long time ago (which was when I really got to a proper physique and therefore weight) … I agree - diet is the driver. Exercise is a helper I’m sure and obv necessary for a gazillion reasons, but it’s not the wright driver. The more I do I actually just eat more !! but what I eat is what defines my weight/shape/whatever. Calories in lower = weight lower.

LOL to the BF comment. Now you’re taking the P (I’m sure you’re not). Now if you rewind back to when I turned 40 …. we were maybe similar then. But we were still pre decimalisation then …… hahaha


Andy, I find that replacing pasta and rice with vegetables made a big difference for me as well. In my case, I do have to eat the starchy vegetables (like potatoes and sweet potatoes) though if I want to have enough energy. Of course I eat a lot of other kinds of vegetables as well… but the starchy ones need to be there on a hard training week or I won’t perform.



  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Feb 22

  • Weight: 75.1 kg (+0.8)
  • BF 14.5% (-1.3)

Overall a bit of a crazy week for me. I messed up and under-fueled Monday which made Tuesday morning’s workout pretty rough. Went for a run in the afternoon and afterwards was super hungry - dinner was around 1600 calories (mostly healthy fish/veg/dairy). Wednesday and Thursday were back to back 16 hour days at work which threw me off my plan a bit - but luckily the project at work is launching today so I just have a few more days of crazy hours before I’m back to normal on Monday.

Weight went up, but BF is down - so not too bad given the week.


Nice ambition! Keep it up :+1:


Well here goes.
I’m targeting 1500-1600 net calories a day this week just to see if I can get the hunger feeling easing off and get used to lower intake …
(net is only relevant where I have formally (measurably) trained)
Ask me on Friday how it went.
Today (if I can last the evening). 1546. That’ll do.


With AZ next week, i dont think you should calorie deficit this week. I would measure and aim for maintenance level. You will need to have the energy for AZ and dont want to surpress immune with travel coming up .


1500-1600 net is maintenance for me pretty much. So no worries there. Though hard tomorrow as an fasted after breakfast until late evening for some tests. Probably will then eat the house.
See how the week goes. Sun/Mon done. Gotta have a target and wake the body up to normality.


Well there we are, 3.5 days in and meeting my net goal each day so far.
This is when it always gets hard. I’m a bit tired when I do these reset type things. And tiredness can lead to food. Though actually when I’ve been to A Very Dark Place as silly o’clock in the morning I’d prob be tired no matter what !! (Ps that’s a workout name !!)
Oh well, not long till Friday.
On the plus side I seem to have brought my cholesterol down a fair bit in the last 2-3m having been measured last night. Now I need to work out how !!!
I suspect it’s supplement related … garlic/horseradish tablets I take maybe. Quite interesting.


Ha. Complete failure …… oh well. start again



  • Waist to 29inches
  • BF% to 13%
  • Weight 60.5kg

Measurements on Saturday 1st Feb

  • waist 30.3 (-0.2)
  • BF% 15.4 (+0.4)
  • Weight 62.4kg (+0.3)

So a bit of stagnation and Weight and BF went up. Not a big surprise as I had a big fall before the last weigh in and has been an OK week but did slip mid week with some sugary snacks and carbs. But still positive and confident i can hit goals, just keep focus next week while at camp. Will be loads of riding but also loads of fuel/food. The travel will be hard as well. Last year I actually put on weight despite riding 20hours!


I’m a tad late posting! Had another marathon week at work which really messed up my schedule. Anyway - that project is good now, so I’m looking forward to easing into the upcoming recovery week and getting back on track.


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Mar 1

  • Weight: 74.9 kg (-0.2)
  • BF 15.4% (+0.9)

Given the circumstances of the week, I’m pretty pleased with the numbers staying pretty even.


Work calmed down a bunch for me this week - not quite back to normal but pretty close. I was able to keep on track with my workouts and eat pretty well.


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Thu Mar 7

  • Weight: 74.3 kg (-0.6)
  • BF 14.7% (-0.7)

Trending nicely at the moment - I think I can get a few more KG off before my event in early May.


Work and travel has killed me, too. I finally got some consistency this week. Back up to 140, but holding steady at 9.8-10% BF. We’ll see how this week goes with more work travel.