Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


Nice work @AndyJ


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Jan 25

  • Weight: 75.4 kg (-0.7)
  • BF 16.2% (-0.5)

Had a much happier week overall which made it easier to eat proper portions.



  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Friday 1st Feb

  • waist 31.2 (-0.3)
  • BF% 15.9 (-0.7)
  • Weight 63.8kg (-0.6)

Back on a downward trend, was back up to 65kg on Tuesday after a 40th birthday in London at the weekend. Was also a recovery week, so had to make sure i did not fuel the same as a normal week.
ToS this week which will up the intensity so I will need to maybe have a few more carbs. But everything back trending in the right direction and ahead of schedule.


Any update @Coach_Ian or are you putting on insulating layer of fat to cope with the cold?


LOL if I were to follow that theory, I would have had to put on an additional 50% body fat for the cold in Chicago!


How would that help @Coach_Theia?
50% of zero is still zero …


So, I weighed in today. Not as much progress as I would have liked.

64 KG
Waist 29.5”
Bodyfat 9%

I think a good bit of the weight is the muscle mass I added during the strength cycle that I did. Also, I am pretty sure a kg went back on this week due to competing demands for time, namely house hunting.

I plan on smashing myself this coming week, as the wife will be out of town leaving me nothing to do but work and train.


Ah that is wishful thinking… sigh


Overall a decent week for me.


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Jan 25

  • Weight: 74.6 kg (-0.8)
  • BF 17% (+0.8)

@AndyJ and @Coach_Ian - what do you use to measure BF %? My “smart” scale seems to vary +/- 2% from one day to the next.


I use my scale but I don’t trust a single figure on its own. The trend and consistency seems OK. But yes it can vary up to a % in a day. So the algorithm seems very dependent on the weight etc rather than a true BF measure. But as said I use it more for the longer timeframe trend


Yeah I’m trying to look at the trend as well - just finding it wild how much it can vary. I think it might have a lot to do with my hydration level - the BF % is highest first thing in the morning when I’m probably dehydrated and it is lowest at night after a full day of drinking (water :wink:).


I use my scale. I don’t focus on the number closely, but I look at the trend like Andy does.


Ooft. Too embarrassing to even contemplate this thread any more … some impressive physique’s out there. Keep it going everyone.


Hey Martin, get involved. It really helps knowing once a week I will have to be honest and write it down in black and white here.


Going away this evening for a long weekend which will be a diet and alcohol challenge.


  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Thursday 7th Feb

  • waist 30.8 (-0.4)
  • BF% 15.5 (-0.4)
  • Weight 62.8kg (-1.0)

So a good week of food choices. Still limiting processed carbs and alcohol. Still losing weight without any real portion control. Average day is:

Breakfast: Porridge with raisins (made with milk)
Lunch: Protein shake after w/o followed by bowl of plain yoghurt and fruit (melon) or salad with smoked fish
Dinner: Baked chicken/Fish with roast vegetables or large salad
Snacks: fruit

Now the lowest weight since I started measuring 5 years ago. The change of diet rather than trying to count and limit calories has been a massive change to losing weight this time.

Keep the updates and losses coming everyone.


Great job, Andy! I haven’t checked this week, but I will do it tomorrow. My diet has been pretty good this week, and my workouts have been pretty intense. The only disruptor is work. I haven’t been getting enough sleep this week, so I expect that to have an impact. I guess we will see tomorrow. For now…time to get on the bike.


Had a pretty good week of eating and training.


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Feb 8

  • Weight: 74.2 kg (-0.4)
  • BF 16% (-1.0)

Have a lunch party this Sunday - will try to remain focused and not over-do anything.


Yeah was trying to drive that last year but too far gone now.
Think it better (maybe) if we can get (also) do a group who are taking part and sub-group it somehow. Spk later. But maybe no one else will care tbh

Even though calorie control is rubbish (me), the food is good :slight_smile:
Some sort of lunch/ dinner combo to keep me ToS fuelled …


I’m finally back below 63kg. It’s 62.9, but I’ll take it!


Amazing. You guys are proper focused.


Had a really good week of eating and training up until Valentines dinner - and then it was time to eat :smile:


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Sat Feb 16

  • Weight: 74.3 kg (+0.1)
  • BF 15.8% (-0.2)

I was down to 73.5 kg on Thursday morning, but the wife and I prepared a heavy meal for valentines: guacamole, humus, snails, sweet potato fries, green beans, ribeye steak w/ mushrooms, cheese, and hazelnut ice cream (everything homemade from veg/meat from our local farm… except for the cheese and snails). It was awesome :partying_face:

Didn’t get a chance to exercise yesterday due to a bunch of issues at work that needed my attention.

Now I’m off to attempt the 4DP FTP test to appease @Coach_Ian :sweat_smile: