Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


@MitchD @NewScot

Mitch is correct in striving to limit the breads and pasta. or if we can clarify, the white breads and pasta; and too large a portion

white bread and pasta wouldnt be a massive contributor to nutritional intake and can easily be eaten in excess making portion control more challenging. you are correct in asking why not? if you can control your portion and not have them too often then bread and pasta are ok… they must be the 1/4 of the plate max, along with the veggies and protein and pasta and bread are rarely served this way.

but you can make greater improvements than just portion control…

Root vegetables are a lighter choice regarding carbohydrate grams and calories; they are super for minerals, some vitamins and fiber.

wholegrains like quinoa, millet, brown rice, buckwheat etc are nutritious and filling (fiber rich also). you can even shoot better with more antioxidant rich choices such as black rice, red rice, red quinoa etc.

pastas can be improved by choosing pastas made from beans, lentils, edamame, buckwheat, millet etc.

breads if you like them can also be improved for example rye, millet, buckwheat, sourdough etc. just be mindful to not make every meal a sandwich!

be smart in other words. some people are best just avoiding bread and pasta; this i have definitely seen. for some reason it seems to solidify better choices.


That would be me @cullenac … Pasta and bread are an “all or nothing” for me, as I have a hard time controlling portion size; therefore I opt for nothing.


Yes, but in the last 2 months I have put on a kg!

had a good talking to myself yesterday. Set my self a goal of no alcohol until we go on holiday at the end of the month.

Set myself a weekly realistic schedule to try a keep to.

Weight: 67.3kg


Lol. I guess there’s a few people on the world who would love to hear only 2.2 lbs over 2 months. But I hear you. Personal targets and all.
67.3 it is for you. Hope the talking to is helping.


I’m still plugging away. Had a good weigh-in before my run at midday. 163.4 which is the probably the lowest weight discarding one early on that was likely reflecting water loss.

Trying to focus still on cutting bad carbs and eating leaner proteins. really think the less beer and wine I drink the more weight loss continues.


Finally seeing results. I’m not tracking every meal but I have been fasting through the morning and even running some days midday in fasted state. Avoiding the alcohol more and no desserts most nights (although summer and ice cream do go together!).

Stepped on the scale today midday - prior to my run - and weighed in at 161. That’s a 7 pound drop over 8 weeks. I’ll take that any day. If over the next 13 weeks I could drop 10 pounds more I would ecstatic. That would get me to a new low for a planned half marathon. Estimate of impact on race pace for those 10 pounds would be in the 5 to 5.5 minute range. Still have to do the training…


Verified the 161 this morning. Thumbs up to myself!


this is super, finally the rewards of health and progress outweigh the instant rewards of food and do you see a change in the foods that you are going for yet? i believe there is a sort of reset in what we look for the longer we persist.

watch energy and recovery with the fasted runs. eat something perhaps if there are intervals/ hill repeats. that said, i tend to run light myself and recover after but if it is set work i will eat well before or the night before.

well done, good job.


65.6kg. So back to where I was in start of May and this thread. On Holiday at the end of next week, really need to stay disciplined so I don’t put the 2kg lost from the start of June back on.


Holy thread resurrection Batman!

The usual story but hopefully with a different ending. I am not dieting but just trying to eat more healthily.

Set some goals for for January and ongoing targets for before my birthday in April.


  • go dry(I am giving myself 2 days off for a couple of parties, but definitely no drinking at home)
  • cut out bread and limit pasta
  • eat more fruit and veg to replace bread/pasta/sweets/chocolate

By April 16th

  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Friday 4th Jan

  • waist 32.75
  • BF% 18.3
  • Weight 66.7kg

I will aim to update every Friday to hold myself accountable and the struggles I have faced that week. Hopefully some others will join me. While weight is the one that impacts Zwift racing the most! The focus will really be on the 2 other metrics.


So, I will join in with Andy. I also am dry for January. I also have changed some eating habits and am including more fruit. My lunch today as a banana-mango-pineapple-apple-blueberry and chocolate granola mix (light on the granola). Tonight will be a salad with chicken, avocado, mixed greens, some asiago cheese, and dried cranberries.

I haven’t taken all of my measurements yet, but I still fit in my 30" waist pants. I weighed in at 65.7 kgs on Monday. I will do a BF test this week.

I plan to be down to 61.5 kgs by March, and I want to have @AndyJ do his laundry on my ripped abs by April 1.


That makes two of us :crazy_face:



  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Friday 11th Jan

  • waist 32.5 (-0.25)
  • BF% 17.6 (-0.7)
  • Weight 65.6kg (-0.9)

Reasonable week, with healthy choices made. The only bad day was yesterday as we ran out of supplies in the house. Wife was ill and while I was out running errands ordered pizza for the kids. I ended up having a couple of slices. Weight dropped more than progression goal needed but was expected a little as I was down to mid 65’s before xmas. So just reverting back, also I tend to lose weight quickly for a couple of weeks and then hit a plateau.


I’ll join you guys on this - I need to drop a few kg before August. I’ve been putting on weight from a low of 68.5kg in Feb 2018.

My wife and I eat healthy food but I tend to eat too much of it for various reasons. Nuts and french cheeses are hard for me to resist! So going forward I’ll try to be more mindful of portions and stick to my goal and exercise plan.


  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Jan 11

  • Weight: 75.6 kg
  • BF 16.2%

I’m working on measuring my food again - which was effective for me in 2017 and early 2018. Looking forward to a solid 2019!





  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Friday 18th Jan

  • waist 32.0 (-0.5)
  • BF% 16.7 (-0.9)
  • Weight 64.4kg (-1.2)

Been a good week. Stuck to correct food choices. Weight is actually falling faster than might be optimal but training went well this week so no immediate concerns. Again lots of good food choices, have taken over the food shopping duties so I have more choice of what is in the house. Not had any moments when I wanted a drink or sugary snacks. Going Well



  • Weight: 68 kg
  • BF 12%

Measurements Fri Jan 18

  • Weight: 76.1 kg (+0.5)
  • BF 16.7% (+0.5)

Had a good start to the week but some stresses popped in late in the week that caused some relapses to bad habits. Trying to work on strategies to cope with the stress that doesn’t involve food.


Keep at it


love it!



  • Waist to 30inches
  • BF% to 15%
  • Weight 63kg

Measurements on Friday 25th Jan

  • waist 31.5 (-0.5)
  • BF% 16.6 (-0.3)
  • Weight 64.4kg (0)

No weight loss on weigh in, but had been lower mid week. Had a night out with lots of drink and food Saturday and then met a friend in London for a couple of pints last night. So not a surprise. Will probably be lighter next weigh in. But also possibly a plateau coming up and need to stay focused. Happy the waist is still coming down as that is the metric I am focusing on. Carried on making some good food choices even when up in the London office yesterday, they have so many free snacks available I often don’t eat well when up there.
Hope everyone else had a good week