Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


Andy - I hear you about the weekends. Tonite my FIL is making steaks for Mother’s Day. I’m sure there will be red wine. The weather is sh&t here as well, so long walks with the dogs may be out of the question.

I do think the biggest improvement I’m making is no dessert and no alcohol. Seems somewhat obvious, but two glasses of wine per night and then dessert is not a recipe for weight discipline.


Glad to have you join us! The more the merrier!


You lost me in the last two sentences…lol.


So that weekend was a bust! Too much good food - as in delicious and not necessarily healthy. Weight was up to 167 this morning. I’m sure thats mostly water so it should come back down quick.

I chalk it up to a holiday weekend. No point agonizing over it. MOve forward and make better choices this week.


You should be able to sync your workout to MFP or simol6 look at how many calories you burned and enter that in MFP. Then you calorie calculations for the da6 will be in line with what you burned 5hrough the day.

I wear my Garmin Felix 3 all day and sync my steps. Then MFP gives me “credit” for my steps and any other workouts I do.


I had a rubbish weekend again. Too many social things which led to too much alcohol and bad food.

Real roller coaster on the weight, which just goes to show you need to look at the average over a week and not get hung up on a single day.

65.9kg on Friday, 67.1kg on Monday, 66.6kg on Tuesday.

Need to hit 65kg again and keep it there. Should have a few weekends without temptation now, so hopefully can make some progress.

Almost more important than weight want to get the waist down to 30 inch


I have seen nutritionists recommend the “one cheat meal a week”. Meaning, you eat clean all week and chose one meal (not one day!) where you have the not-so-healthy food you want. Might help with planning the week, knowing you will have that one meal…


The first key is really becoming aware of what you are eating and it’s nutritional impact. Then you can begin making more informed choices on what you fuel your body with! Keep at it!


Back to 164.4 lbs today. We’ve lost our kitchen due to a renovation project and it’s making this whole food discipline thing more difficult.

No excuses though!


31.5 inch waist

Starting the week from a good place. Food was so so over the weekend but was alcohol free. Had loads of fruit in to snack on rather than processed crap. Nice to start the week not playing catch up to last fridays weight.


You’re killing me Andy - now I have to publish my waist size? I’ll weigh in and measure tomorrow.

I enjoyed my weekend too much. Not a ton but a decent amount of beer, wine, beef and sausages.

The food is that I got back on the bike and also ran yesterday. But healthy choices is where I consistently stumble.


I dont trust my scales bf%, so waist is probably more relevant than even weight in terms of progress


So my waist (right below belly button - widest part) was 34”. Oooof.

Weight last two days at 165.8 lbs.

Working out again but have a very busy social week that equals food and drink. Goal is to burn enough calories biking and running to offset the fun!


So I’ve been hovering in the 166 / 167 lbs range for the last week. Wife decided to give intermittent fasting a try and I’ve jumped on board. I had success with that about 1.5 years ago. So clean eating with 16 hour window of fasting daily. Exceptions around intense workouts.


Keep us posted on both of y our progress… For everyone else, if you have questions on IF please post up. A good number of us use it on rest days to reach our goals with the notion in mind that we have to fuel our workouts.



Thanks Jason. Probably fasted way too long yesterday. Moderate effort on coffee ride and no food until about 1:30. So about 19 hours. Had a nice omelet and fruit. Wife remaining disciplined as well. Easier when someone else is avoiding the bad carbs with you!


I would LOVE to hear more! Here or in the podcast- thanks!



Weight this morning was 164lbs. Fasted until lunch. Did a 3 mile run before lunch. For fun I weighed myself after the run before I ate. Weight was 162lbs. It was warm and that was a lot of sweating.

Healthy lunch of hard boiled eggs, grapes, dried mango and a healthy trail mix packet.


So back from holiday. 50% less riding, 50% more food is not a good combination

Weight 67.3kg (1.8kg more than last weigh in)
My weight fluctuates so much I hope to be back to 66kg by the end of the week

Forgot to do waist this morning, will add that tomorrow…


Not stressing to much about cutting carbs this week as an 800+tss week and need the fuel. Thats where I normally have success is when I cut the carbs.

I normally struggle on the recovery weeks, seem to want to eat more than when doing a hard week.