Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


@Coach_Flo the nature of this one is it’s public, yet only four people …
Happy to take this off to a supportive group somewhere and post results up here from time to time. Then can have those chats in a live forum like messenger or something similar.
Depends on what the other guys think ? Might generate more chat/ activity (if anyone else interested in that of course?)


I like that idea. Lets get this next Lab kicked off and we can collect names of those riders who what in for the Spring Lab.


Just so we can have a starting point I jumped on the scale this morning and dialed in at:

Waist to ???
BF to
Weight to 160lbs

Waist - ill have to measure
BF to 15.8 %
Weight to 166.8 lbs / 75.7 kg

166.8 lbs and 15.8BF


Wow! 15.8%? Time to get to work!


Try 24%

Anyway I’ll do the stats thing once we have a place to do this as an active group.

@Coach_Flo - yep makes sense. See what you want to do and then we can get a gang together


Oh man… anyone looking for a quick weight loss plan, have Ian put his double brick workout on your calendar. I’m down to 72.2kg after that beast! Now to go pretend to be totally fine in front of the wife and kids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also recommend raging food poisoning. It has some downsides, but the weight loss is pretty rapid. I’ve done that game twice. Not sure which I prefer, the double brick or the food poisoning. They both seem to last about the same amount of time.


Wasn’t sure whether to ‘Like’ that post @Coach_Ian … sounds miserable.

I did lose about 6lbs one week last year … but that was only some pre ‘procedure’ stuff. Added 8lbs in water and food the next day. It was no more pleasant that food poisoning by the sounds of things.

There’s a few people doing BF measurements. Only method I have are some scales, which are notoriously inaccurate. Obv still shows a ‘trend’ and a bit like power, it doesn’t matter how accurate your device is, only that the relative numbers goes up or down. Or just measure waist (though that’s another one that’s dependent on factors such as posture and so on … (again using the same principle that watching it go up or down is still useful from a relativity point of view I get that)

But what do people use? Anyone use anything accurate’ish?


I’m just using my scale - I find my hydration level plays a pretty big factor. If I’m well hydrated, my number will be much lower (~1.5-2%) than if I’m dehydrated.

I’ve tried a number of things over the past year and they’ve all given me wildly different numbers.

FatTrack II Calipers - measures skin folds and performs a calculation - gives me ~9% BF

One of those fancier scales at my local gym that also has wands for your hands - gave me a ~4% BF reading.

My scale at home bounces between 14% and 16%. Based on what I see in the mirror, I think my @home scale is the most correct.

So bottom line - the scale is decent for just having an idea where you’re at and giving you trend lines.


Isn’t this every weekend for all of us?


Do you do the 3 measurement calculation? What calculator do you use? I feel like I have the same experience with hydration and the scale im using the the stand on scale like @NewScot is talking about.

Im thinking the waist measurement has been a pretty reliable one.

Dr Maffetone had a pretty good explanation of if patients were over-fat:

Take your height in inches; an average height of 5 feet 10 inches is equal to 70 inches. Next, measure your waist at navel level (around your belly button). If your waist measurement is more than half of your height, you qualify as overfat. A 5-foot-10-inch individual should have a waist measurement of 35 inches or less.


The FatTrack II calipers have a built in calculator. So you take 3 measurements - upper chest, lower abs, and thigh and it spits out a BF %. I had to setup a profile with my age and gender.

As for the scale, I’m using a Withings Body+ scale. My favorite feature of that scale is the WiFi connectivity so I don’t need to do anything but stand on it - and I can get my measurements to sync up to TP, Zwift, iOS Health, MyFitnessPal, etc.


I’m going to be heading out of town to visit family later today so I’m going to post my weigh-in a few days early since I won’t be able to later this week.


  • Weight: 70 kg
  • BF: 12%
  • Waist: TBD

Measurements Weds Apr 17

  • Weight: 74.0 kg (+0.7)
  • BF 15.1% (-0.1)
  • Waist: 31"

I had a pretty decent week of training, I finished last week with 905 TSS mainly due to the double brick last Saturday (303TSS). I re-gained the weight I lost from the double brick pretty quickly, I’ll just have to try @Coach_Ian’s advice of food poisoning next time :wink:

I’ll start tracking the waist measurement just to see if it provides any insight, but I’m not too concerned w/ it at the moment. I’m 5’11" so I’m already below that 35" mark.

My main challenges this week are going to be eating clean while up north visiting family, and trying to get a few runs in while also building a wall + doors for my sister in her new place. Apparently where she bought her new place there are bears roaming around people’s yards, so I may set a few new running PRs as I get chased! :bear:


Mike, the only thing I can recommend for your runs is to go with someone slightly slower than you. That way, the bear will get your running partner not you!


how is progress for you all towards your goals? remember consistency and a sensible manageable plan achieves the results. if you have any Qs we can always add them to a podcast .


I seem to be stuck in the 74 kg zone. I dropped down to 72.3 by the Friday after my race since it was a rest week, but I’m back to 74.3 this morning. I need to focus on controlling quantity - it was pretty easy to do during the rest week but once I start training, it’s harder to control.


tracking body comp is always a good idea. weight can be frustrating. body comp needs to be done on a reputable device like dual phase BIA or bodpod or dexa.

Curiously in our house we are in ironman austria countdown. garron has not lost one kg much to his disgust but his body has totally transformed and it is visible.

so it just goes to show what we all know… scales numbers dont show the full picture. i use a BIA in the clinic for accurate measurements. we have a tanita scales at home and there is a massive difference in readings


Ironman Austria looks like a really cool race. Has he done this particular event before?


I picked up these products while on vacation
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