Diet / Nutrition Accountability Thread


Hello, Coach MitchD here. I’m going to kick off this thread and hope I get a lot of participants.

It’s almost speedo season here and coupled with my desire to gain some free speed in cycling and running I need to shed my winter insulation. This thread will be targeted at any of our team that are looking for support in refining their diets while training and improving fitness.

I’m going to start tomorrow with a weigh in and utilize MyFitnessPal for tracking meals and net calories. I’ve had success with this strategy in the past and am hoping a bunch of us can all work together to support one another and reach our goals.

There will be no shaming but constructive feedback should always be welcomed. I’m not guaranteeing I’ll be the ideal model from a nutrition and diet perspective but will try to lead by example.

I look forward to working with all of you on this project.



Stepped on the scale first thing this morning. It’s important to weigh in at the same time and in the same fashion for each weigh-in.

My initial weight is 168.6 lbs.

Tomorrow i’ll start posting net calories and associated details for feedback. Thanks team!


I’m totally interested in this thread! I’m needing to shed rougly 10-15lbs I weigh in on Sunday mornings :slight_smile: last week was my 1st week at 138.8 lbs


Glad to have you join me. The key is ensuring you’re fueling for your fitness but also making good food choices.

I’ve found tracking all calories during the day is the best way for ME to gain discipline. It’s definitely not an exact science but directionally is very useful.

My target date is July 21. I don’t think 15 pounds is a responsible target by then but would be happy for 10 lbs.


Wrong time of year for big weight loss for me as racing has already started, but I foolishly let my weight creep back up after making an effort to get it down before xmas. So I will try to make some small consistent gains.

Weigh in this morning was 65.7KG
Stretch Goal - 63kg to start next race season
Realistic Goal - hold 64kg for 6 months to reset body to this level over the summer


What are these things you call “KGs”?


First day went well. Daily calorie goal is 1,540 (before any exercise, etc.). I consumed ~1,418 calories and burned 425 calories cycling. The 1,540 daily goal is calculated by MyFitnessPal and assumes that I am generally inactive (I work at a desk). Therefore, my Garmin steps and any exercise I complete can adjust my daily target. I ended with 547 calories remaining in my target.

So realistically, I consumed way too little yesterday. Breakdown of those calories was 57% carbs, 26% fat and 17% protein. I believe I need to up the protein.

Physical Therapist today asked me to take a week off of running and cycling to see if it will impact tightness in my trapezius muscles and relieve tension on my SupraSpinatus tendon in my shoulder. I agreed to give her a week to see if there’s improvement. I will need to be much more disciplined on calories with no real exercise beyond walking our dogs.

Weight was an even 168.




A measurement based on logic and science, and not based on the weight of a frog born on a Wednesday and fed for 5 days on female flies only or something like that


If there’s any consolidation she felt really bad asking…but obviously not too bad based on the pain she inflicted on me moments later.


Day Two:

No real exercise due to orders from my Pysical Therapist. Did some walking and that gave me an extra 134 calories to burn for the day. Didn’t eat the best but I managed to end the day with 30 calories remaining. Dessert was an apple - that’s a big change. Kept the drinks with dinner to only one glass of wine.

Carbs 42%
Fats 42%
Protein 16%

Goal is to begin trying to increase my healthy proteins again.

Weight this morning:
166.6 lbs / 75.6 kg

Delta since start:
-2.2 lbs / -1 kg


YIKES a week off! Hopefully that will get you fixed!!! I need to get that app to help me keep my eating tracked…does that app help break it down into carbs, fats, protein?? I’m actually scared for the SUNDAY weigh in - BAHHHHHHH


More of an experiment than a fix I think. Doc wants to see if cycling and running is aggravating the healing.

The app is great cause you can scan the bar codes for foods and it will automatically pull them up. Also has an extensive library of foods too. Plus, you can use recipes from online and it will find them and figure out the calories per serving.

It does breakdown the food into carbs, protein and fats. Also other vitamins and minerals.


Day Three

Lots of activity even without the cycling and running. Mowed the lawn, walked the dogs a. Couple times and prepped for a home project. I don’t think the watch captured the lawn mowing cause my left arm is stabilized by the mower. Oh well. More protein but a bit too much fat today. Still kept it under my targets.

Goal 1540 - Food 1496 + Exercise 187 = 231 Remaining

Carbs 28%

Fats 52%

Protein 20%

Goal is to begin trying to increase my healthy LEAN proteins again.

Weight this morning:

166.2 lbs / 75.4 kg

Delta since start:

-2.4 lbs / -1.1 kg


Mitch! you get so much done when you have all that free time LOL. i’m feeling a bit bummed out 141.2lbs after a 65 mile IRL bike ride and leading the ODivaZ 2.2 ride for another 19.5 miles… I am really going to have to watch my eating this week and try the app to see if that helps!




Day Four:
Lots if activity again preparing for our home project. Up and down stairs, lifting things, etc. dealt with a lot of hunger today. Exceeded my targets due to a really good dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.

Note - I’m a big proponent of avoiding paralysis by analysis. Counting calories and daily weigh ins are fraught with inacccuracies. I honestly don’t know if I had 1/2 a cup of pork low mein or 3/4 a cup. And I don’t really care. My goal is to be directionally accurate and ensure I know the impact of my choices. Looking at food calorie counts can drive choices. Daily weigh ins keep me honest. But I know there will be fluctuations for many reasons.

Goal 1540 - Food 1994 + Exercise 188 = -266 Remaining
Carbs 59%
Fats 26%
Protein 15%

Weight this morning:

166.8 lbs / 75.7 kg

Delta since start:
-1.8 lbs / -0.8 kg


Days 5, 6, and 7

I know this is the most interesting and compelling thread in the lab so I apologize profusely for not posting the last few days. Life has been hectic and crazy.

I’ve been meeting my calorie targets pretty consistently the last few days. Without having workouts it’s been tougher but I’ve been trying to walk quite a bit to give myself about 150 calories of cushion and to make sure metabolism stays active.

Weight dropped to 164.8 yesterday and stayed there today. That’s about 4 pounds in one week. Recognize most of that is water but building the discipline in the first week around diet is a good initial step.


So weigh in was 65.9kg today :frowning: But it had been up to 66.5kg after a bit of an indulgent weekend. Been pretty good this week, just need to survive the weekends without putting weight on. I struggle to keep consistently on a good diet all week.


So I think I’m into week two now. Last two days were okay. With everything going on I’ve struggled to track every meal. That’s my goal for the weekend. Pay attention to the foods and serving sizes. Yesterday we had rotisserie chicken, raw veggies and pasta and meatballs. Lunch was cereal. Day before we had pizza for dinner but I had a couple helpings of salad with Italian dressing before tackling any of the pizza.

Went to the Phys Therapist yesterday. Good news is the shoulder is starting to show improvement. Bad news is that was in conjunction with no running or swimming. So…one more week with no running or cycling. I want those extra calories!!!

Weight this morning was 164.2 / 74.5 kg.

Total weight loss is 4.4 lbs / 2.0 kg.

Stretch goal for the rest of the month is to get to 160. More realistic is 161 or 162.